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Pakistan, Pakistan

Europe’s first ever Pakistani Film, Media and Arts Festival, Pehlee Dharkan is coming soon to entertain, enlighten and interest you!

This film festival is a chance to let people know what film-making in Pakistan really has to offer and by bringing feature films, ocumentaries
and shorts to the UK it will offer a unique opportunity to savour the experience of a socially-engaged documentary/art-film sector as well as the entertaining and cultish world of commercial cinema in Pakistan. Based in Lahore, the latter is known affectionately and somewhat ironically as, ‘Lollywood’!!

‘Pehlee Dharkan’ translates as ‘First Heartbeat’ and this is exactly what Heer Productions has provided via the Pakistani Film, Media and Arts Festival, which will take place from 13th – 25th September.

From the 16th – 18th September, Pehlee Dharkan will be holding the Film Festival at the Glasgow Film Theatre. It will be screening:

Contemporary cutting edge films from the budding independent cinema movement.A retrospective selection of classic Pakistani films.
Short films and documentaries on political, environmental and health issues in Pakistan. Films made by the British Asian Diaspora.

Pehlee Durkan will assist the process for facilitating Pakistani and Scottish filmmakers to contact one another and work together through workshops, training and perhaps co-productions.

From 13th – 25th September, there will be two exhibitions at the Tramway Theatre:

‘Billboards Art of Lollywood’ showcasing the hand-painted film posters (oil on canvas) which are such an intrinsic part of the film industry in Pakistan. ‘Art on Wheels’ photography exhibition by Peter Grant of lavishly decorated trucks.

These events have been organised by Heer Productions, a film and cross-arts form company based in Glasgow. It is working towards raising the profile of South Asian films, arts and artists in Scotland and the UK. The company is actively involved in engaging young people
from ethnic minority communities and providing them with opportunities in film and the creative industries.

The artistic director, Alina Mirza is extremely enthusiastic about the whole project “I think this is a wonderful opportunity to learn more about the film and indeed creative industries in Pakistan. There is a wealth of talent waiting to be discovered and showcased and we feel that this is a great way to achieve this. Pakistan has such a rich and living cultural heritage and being able to share this with the world is fantastic. The arts, as they relate to both Pakistan and the Pakistani diaspora, have crucial political relevance and this theme will be a major strand of the Festival. We believe that this is just the start and look forward to more events such as this in the future. This is a curated festival, however I am also keen for filmmakers to contact us regarding their work. Further information is available on the official website.”

Posted 07 Aug 2005

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