HIGHLAND HEIGHT, Ky. — A 21-year-old Northern Kentucky college student

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HIGHLAND HEIGHT, Ky. A 21-year-old Northern Kentucky college student has started his own business.
Isaiah Kelly custom styles and restores shoes turn out to be studying for classes.
So whats really crazy is the fact that I was not into art in any respect, Kelly said, with a brush within his hand painting a couple of shoes. I never thought in a million years I might be sitting here art work a shoe.
 Kelly pronounces his outlook has changed in recent days.
My first major below at NKU was graphic design which inside school of the martial arts. I didn't like it a great deal that I switched my major like following the first semester.
 For Kelly that has been an experience during his / her freshman year at Northern Kentucky University while he also worked with a shoe store.
I didn't care about shoes or even clothes but I suppose being around shoes 40 hours per week I just fell with love with shoes. going into my freshman year of college I use to look up learn to get shoes for cheap with YouTube just cause Now i'm really frugal with my money, Kelly stated.
Kelly said thats when he happened apon a video on producing designs and customizing sneakers. Now I love paintings. I see the artwork in everything. Every time I see a couple shoes. Right now we complete shoes be we eventually can do phone cases, hats, t-shirts, we wish to accomplish everything, Kelly said.
Kelly has a appreciation for restoring and customizing boots and shoes but needed to figure out how to develop a balanced business-oriented assist system. He acquired those skills by taking part in the university's Inkubator Program which supplies resources on growing a small business.
Something that we suitable for our students is the capability to test it out and thats something that when youre getting into entrepreneurship and you don't have a support structure in this way, its very challenging, mentioned Zac Strobl, Center with regard to Innovation and Entrepreneur at NKU.
For Kelly, hes transformed his challenges right into a meaningful and rewarding vocation all before graduating school.
I think thats the coolest thing to do. Just knowing that someone appreciates my creativity and it is willing to not only have the funds for it but wear the item themselves, Kelly stated.
The entrepreneur said hes completed as a minimum 50 orders of custom-made shoes and earned $10, 000 since his start just one year ago.
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