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With Koi Tujh Sa Kahan scheduled for release soon (the flap on the audio of the film categorically announces ‘movie is being launching on 12th August 2005’) there is some amount of curiosity regarding the quality of its soundtrack, particularly as it is Reema Khan’s (as our Lollywood heroine now prefers to be known) debut venture as producer and director.

The fact that the music is provided by the late Amjad Bobby who has given us some exceptional music in the past and all the songs are sung by Indian singers has obviously added to the interest generated by the film’s musical score. Well, listeners won’t be disappointed, for although none of the songs are likely to go down in history as memorable ditties, a few of them are certainly a cut above most filmi numbers one hears today.

Side A opens with a Punjabi number, Maryan Teri Bewafai a poignant song sung by Jaspinder Narula. This is followed by Koi Tujh Sa Kahan the title song, a happy, sprightly number with beautiful lyrics sung by Udit Narain with a chorus in the background. Yeh Aankhein Jadu Bhari is a high-pitched ditty crooned by Shriya Ghoshal and is followed by Sohni Sohni, a sweet semi-Punjabi number rendered by Udit, Alka and Shriya.

The next number according to the flap is Pyar Mein Kisne a sad, soft lyrical number that reappears on the flip side but with another title, Marna Aasan Zinda Rehna Mushkil Hai sung by Alka. Up next, Vaada Hai Mera is a duet by Udit and Alka, essentially a remix of Koi Tujh Sa Kahan. The next two numbers are just couplets — Senay Mein Gham and Ek Bewafa Ki — sad remixes of the title number Koi Tujh Sa Kahan rendered in Alka’s voice.

Side B has practically nothing new to offer. It opens with an alaap of Koi Tujh Sa Kahan in both Udit and Alka’s voices, followed by a repeat of Yeh Aankhein Jadu Bhari. The next number Marna Hai Aasan is the same song that appears as Pyar Mein Kisne on Side A. Kaano Mein is a repeat of the Sohni Sohni number again found on Side A.

Number six on this side is occupied by a couplet of Senay Mein Gham followed by Dekhi Kaliyon Ki sung by Udit, again a remix and a repeat, respectively, of Koi Tujh Sa Kahan. Mausam Ne Li Angrai, a duet sung by Abhijit and Shriya, is the only new song on this side and not a particularly memorable one, followed by a repeat of Vaada Hai Mera.

With recording, mixing and editing done in India, there is no doubt that the music quality is very good. Ahmad Aqeel Rubi also deserves a pat on the back for the lyrics of some of the numbers including the title song.—
Posted 07 Aug 2005

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