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User manual provides important information on ‘how to use a product’ to end-users. With proper use of a device there is much less risk of bringing the device out-of-order unintentionally, thus leading to lower RMA rates and significantly less expenses related to it.  However this is not the only benefit, though probably the biggest. There are big online libraries with Indesit manuals and other user guides in one place. Isn't it awesome?

Other positive aspects of correctly written manual are:
– Limiting legal liability related to misuse  of a product.  This is important to products, which can cause serious injuries or death, when used improperly. Technical areas which come to mind first – high voltage devices, lasers or other intensive light sources, heat and fire generating devices, various mechanical tools, etc. Placing appropriate tags within a manual warn the end-user and protect the manufacturer from serious legal consequences. In addition to that, warning stickers shall be applied in clearly visible places on the product, especially next to openings enclosure openers and interlocks.
– Saving engineer’s and salesman’s time which is consumed to consult a user. The more comprehensive the manual is, the less time an engineer or a salesman will use for explaining the customer, how to use one or other feature of a device. This of course requires very good skill of a technical writer. Getting into the customers shoes is very important, and sometimes only unbiased persons from outside a company can make it.
– Serving as a sales literature. Non of your product brochures will provide enough information for an engineer, who is looking for very specific product to integrate in their bigger systems. Only the user manual will give everything in one place and often it is a user manual, that is requested by a customer before asking for quotation. If a company really wants to show each and every positive aspect of its product, a good user manual is a document to start from.
– Supporting company’s image. As written in our previous articles, technical documentation is ‘how you treat your customer’. You don’t really want the customer to be confused, angry or thinking that your products waste his time and are unusable. Sometimes it is the technical papers, who let your customer hook up a product in surprisingly short time, keeping the engineer in a good mood and good attitude towards your company. That brings you more successful cooperation and positive testimonials.
All kinds of technical writing is our expertise. On request, we will provide samples of our work.


Posted 22 Dec 2020

It's almost impossible to live without user guides noeadays.. agree with you
Posted 22 Dec 2020

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