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What is a shelf company?
Buy Shelf Company onlineShelf company meaning is that it is basically a corporation with a legal personality and it is already registered in the local register. The corporate purpose is chosen by our professionals so that the company can deal in the industrial, commercial, and trading sectors. A shelf company allows its owners to do quick setup irrespective of the type of its incorporation.
Sale and purchase of new shelf company
Buying an offshore shelf company means you are free to do trading without any load of finance or administration. You will have a company that has no debts and no previous trading that will disturb your work. We have shelf company for sale or companies for sale.
What is an offshore shelf company?
An offshore shelf company is based in another country to the country in which it does most of its business and it is tax neutral and a deficit of tax when used as a holding company receiving dividend income for instance. It usually reduces taxation and sometimes complete elimination.
How to form a Shelf Company?
To make an offshore shelf company we work with our professional team in the following sectors.
Certificate of incorporation
We provide you a certificate or license of incorporation issued by the respective government or state. It firmly declares that your company or corporation is registered in a local register and you have the authority to use it.
Certificate of Wellbeing
The respective authority checks whether this company is good enough to operate or not. This checks all the activities inside the company are legal or not.
Minutes of meeting
This also holds the basics and fundamental instructions held in its first meeting after coming into operation, they are written in black and white.
Memorandum and Articles of Association of the company
It is the legal document signed by all the people that were present at the time of formation of the company they are initial stockholders.
Register of directors and members
This document is also a legal paper that is signed by the members that are shareholders who claim their rights in shares. This paper is also signed by the directors for their duties they have been handed over.
Declaration of trust
This is a legal document that is signed at the time of buying property to confine the rights of shareholders or joint property holders.
Corporate seal
We will approve your corporate seal and that will go on your documents and legal framework so that it assures that it is confirmed by the company members.
Advantages of getting ready-made offshore shelf company
There are various advantages of offshore shelf company and some of them are listed below:
  • Flexible for usage, also it allows you to modify and share capital, name, and membership
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  • Credible because of its age or 
  • [b]aged shelf company[/b][/*]
  • Available instantly
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  • Priced unbeatably
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  • Good for quick startup
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  • No previous debts
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Best countries to buy an offshore company
Some countries in Europe are attractive to people who want to purchase an offshore shelf company.
  1. Cyprus
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  3. Ireland
  4. [/*]
  5. Malta
  6. [/*]
  7. The Netherlands
  8. [/*]
  9. Romania
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Posted 02 Jan 2021

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