Signs of bipolar disorder That you may unconsciously overlook

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Bipolar disorder (bipolar disorder) or bipolar disorder It is a schizophrenic disorder that many people may well know the name of. But you may not know the fact that there are signs of bipolar disorder. That may be expressed, but you may not even realize you have this disease, this article collects information about the signs of the disease. Ready for you to explore yourself whether it is classified as bipolar disorder or not.
Signs of bipolar disorder That you might have overlooked
It is difficult for you to be able to distinguish that You are just an angry person. Mood swings Or you are suffering from a serious mental illness, so try to observe yourself that you are having Bipolar disorder Does it appear? Which warning signs are as follows

Feel depressed
Bipolar disorder is characterized by the same symptoms as people with depression. They tend to have insomnia, fatigue and decreased appetite. The difference between depression and bipolar disorder is Mood fluctuation
Therefore, consulting with a therapist or doctor to treat depression is different from treating two stages of mood disorder. In addition, antidepressants were prescribed only in patients with double-stage depression. The doctor will not recommend Because it may make the patient feel pressure Until it can lead to crazy emotions

Can't sleep
It is normal for you to have periods of sleeplessness. Which is caused by stress or expectations in matters But some people in bipolar disorder tend to sleep less than normal. It's not just a lack of sleep. But it's not wanting to sleep at all. Sometimes people who are depressed may sleep longer than usual, so a normal sleep schedule. It is extremely important for people with bipolar emotions.

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Have thoughts of suicide
The symptoms of bipolar disorder are very difficult to tolerate. Sometimes you may feel that you are not there, or you tend to think that if your loved one doesn't have you, it might be better. If these thoughts arise, it's best to see a therapist or medical professional ASAP.
Don't feel ashamed to seek help if you are feeling suicidal. Or want to hurt yourself Many people with bipolar disorder have problems with these thoughts. Talking to your doctor or therapist Including changes in treatment plans May be what you want Well, it might make you feel more hopeful about being alive.

In a very good mood
Of course everyone I want to have a good mood In addition to being in good mood, there is no sign of mental illness, said Smitha Murthy, a psychiatrist and assistant professor in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Texas. Too much of a good mood has no apparent cause. By being in a very good mood, it may only last a week or longer. It may also be expressed in conjunction with other symptoms as well, whether it is mania. Which is one of the symptoms of bipolar disorder
In fact, madness is dangerous. Because it can make people make mistakes in important decisions Be it financial, sex and relationship matters. In addition, it can lead to delusions and hallucinations during the moodier period (Hypomania), during which the mood is higher than normal. It is a characteristic of type 2 bipolar (Bipolar II Disorder).

Posted 17 Jan 2021

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