Antibiotic use What are some things you should know? For effective drug use

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When the body is caused by an infection such as a common cold, influenza, skin infection Anyone would want them to go away as quickly as possible. And how to treat infectious diseases that people tend to think of first is Antibiotic use But did you know that Antibiotics do not cure all types of infections. And if used in the wrong way In addition to not improving the symptoms of illness. There may also be side effects. Hello, the doctor wants you to use antibiotics properly. In order to be able to treat disease effectively And does not adversely affect your body as well

What is an antibiotic?
Antibiotics are drugs that help the body better fight bacterial infections. This drug works by killing. Or inhibit the division of bacteria in the body
Usually when bacteria enter the body Our immune system kills bacteria before it divides and causes disease. Or even if the disease is caused by a bacterial infection Our immune system can get rid of the infection anyway. But sometimes If the number of pathogenic bacteria is greater than the immune system can eliminate. Your doctor may need antibiotics to help your body get rid of bacteria better.

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The first antibiotic was penicillin, which is still very popular today.
Antibiotics come in many forms, such as
Oral antibiotics That comes in the form of tablets, capsules, water pills, etc.
Antibiotics for external use That may come in the form of creams, gels, ointments, labels, sprays for use on the skin. Or sometimes it may come in a liquid form such as ear drops, eye drops.
Antibiotics for injection or intravenous administration They are mostly used for severe infections.

Antibiotic use What diseases can be treated?
Many people may misunderstand that If a disease is caused by an infection No matter what disease Can be treated with antibiotics But in fact Antibiotics can only treat disease caused by bacterial infection.
Examples of popular bacterial infections treated with antibiotics include:
Pharyngitis (Strep Throat)
Urinary tract infections
Bacterial infectious skin disease
Whooping cough
Bacterial meningitis
Bacterial pneumonia
You have to keep in mind that Antibiotics can only treat bacterial infections. It cannot be used to treat viral infections.

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