Receding nail tip condition Nails separated from the flesh How can you relieve yourself?

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'Nails' can indicate your health condition. That the body is something wrong or not, whether it is a rough nail. Fungal nails Or even in some cases it may be born Toenail shrinkage In fact, nail tip recession is not a serious concern. But it should be treated properly. Because otherwise it may cause an infection. Or cause various complications that follow

What is a receding nail tip?
Receding nail tip condition (Onycholysis) is when the nail separates from the skin underneath without feeling pain. Which is a common problem It can be a sign of a skin disease, infection, or injury. But most often found in women with long nails.
The condition of the tip of the nail when it occurs will last for several months. This is because fingernails or toenails will not stick back to the skin under the nails. Have to wait for new nails to grow to replace old nails. Therefore symptoms will disappear. Typically, the fingernail takes four to six months to fully regenerate. The toenail can take 8-12 months.

Why is it that causes the tip of the nail to recede?
The reason that causes the condition of the nail to recede. If it's a toenail Can be caused by wearing shoes that are too tight Which can cause injury It can also be a result of an allergy to nail products, such as nail polish removers, chemical nails, or artificial nails, as well as possibly symptoms of nail fungus. Or psoriasis Other causes that may occur include drug interactions. Or injury Repeated tapping of nails or hitting the drum can also be considered a trauma.
Usually, nails can tell your overall health. If your nails do not look healthy or have problems such as osteoporosis. This may be the first visual sign that something is going on in your body. And sometimes the tip of the nail May indicate a serious yeast infection Or thyroid disease, moreover, it may mean that You are also not getting enough essential vitamins or minerals.
How to self-medicate your nail tips
In fact, tip reconstruction is not a reason for urgent doctor appointments. But you may need to find the cause of your nail apex recurrence. And try to treat it with effective methods To make your nails adhere to the skin under them again When the nails are growing new.
When your toenails are receding In the meantime, you might want to try some home remedies first. By trying not to clean under the nail Because it can make the nail tip recession worse. And it might be to sweep the bacteria deeper under the nail as well.
From a study in the year. 2013 shows Tea tree oil can help treat fungal and yeast infections that occur under the nails. Using a tea tree oil mixture that has been lightly diluted with a carrier oil such as jojoba oil or coconut oil. May help get rid of mold But make sure to make sure your nails are completely dry while they are healing.
However, if you self-medicate and find that the symptoms improve. Or if symptoms worsen in any way Please see the doctor To be diagnosed And treatment properly and appropriately

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Posted 21 Jan 2021

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