The benefits of beer you may not know

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Reputed to be alcoholic unlimited2day beverages, most people assume that It has to be more punishable than useful. But believe it or not The so-called 'beer' drink offers health benefits that you might not have imagined.

"Beer" is a drink that we know well. And there are many aspects that we might not have known have 10 beneficial effects for our body, researchers say that beer is heart-healthy, according to Emory University research, women and men. 2,200 older people who drank 1.5 glasses of beer a day had a 50 percent lower risk of heart failure.Beer is also good for the brain. Scientists in Boston found that people who drank from one to 6 beer a week. Until those who drink 7-14 glasses per week Will have less seizures than those who do not drink at all But if those who drink more than this will have the most seizures. Because beer can help reduce blood size and not make the blood go crazy in the brain.

Kidney: According to Finnish research, regular beer drinking Will help reduce more kidney stones than normal Because drinking beer will cause the body to have a diuretic. Than drinking ordinary water So it can be said that Helps reduce the accumulation of calcium in the kidneys as well.

Reduced risk of diabetes: People who drank 2 beers a day were 25% less likely to develop diabetes than those who drank 2 more beers per day. Drinking beer in moderation. Will make the body make insulin more efficiently
Helps to maintain blood pressure: A Harvard University study found that people who drank one to two glasses of beer a day were less likely to develop blood pressure-related illnesses. And on top of that, the results are even better than drinking red wine.

Reduce the risk of stroke: because the beer Maintain blood pressure Therefore, drinking the right amount of beer Will prevent the clogging of fat in the arteries quite well Including the flow of blood in various body parts
Strong bones: Studies have shown that drinking beer in moderation Substances in beer This will make the bone mass tighter, but it is primarily effective for young people.

Prevent insomnia: some substances from the flower HOBS, the main component of the beer. Will act like natural sleeping pills Relaxing Ever So if you drink beer at dinner Will make you feel asleep deeper that night
Reduce the risk of cancer: in Portugal, there is a study that The fermentation of beef sted with beer. It reduces carcinogens in the meat by up to 70% because of the sugar in beer. Will inhibit the activity of carcinogens And make the system of expelling waste out of the body as well

Reduce the risk of Alzheimer's: Drinking beer in moderation each day can clear your brain. And work better The flow that has it all. But if more than that You may be drowsy and bully to spoil it that has it all.
High nutritional value: Almost all types of beer are high in fiber and contain substances such as folate, vitamin C, vitamin B6 and B12. Some beer It's still under 100 calories.

Makes your skin beautiful: Some of the vitamins in beer like Pantothenic Acid, Vitamin B3 and Niacin stimulate the production of new skin cells. Strengthen collagen and pigment Makes skin color smooth and soft.

Posted 21 Jan 2021
Posted 22 Jan 2021

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