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Dear friends, how do you feel about gambling? The opinion of the population was divided. Someone considers it a bad habit, while others consider it an excellent opportunity to earn money.
Posted 24 Jan 2021

helen1990 says
Good morning! I do not like gambling and I think it is completely a bad idea! This causes strong addiction and sometimes people even lose control of themselves, forgetting about everything in the world. If you are looking for easy money, sports betting is best. Much more useful and interesting. I love sports and that's probably why I liked it right away.
Posted 25 Jan 2021

Griggzy says
Don't see any reason why the casino can be unsafe. Just don't invest too much money in it and stay calm. And what about bitcoing gambling ? Have you ever read this article about it? I can recommend you a really nice  place where you can win jackpot if you reach the certain level of luck. Do you like dice?
Posted 31 Jan 2021

can any one guide me about 49s results  UK?
Posted 01 Feb 2021

myrtlecox says
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Posted 11 Feb 2021

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