Did you know? Pets can be stressed When having to be with people for 24 hours

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We can often hear ?????wallet ????????? that "raising animals" can help the owner to relieve stress and improve mood. But did you know that we are with pets all the time Can also cause stress to your favorite pet
During this time, many people have to work from home temporarily while children also have to study online at home. Therefore, it is possible that our pets dogs and cats may be in a stressful state!
Stressed because of being disturbed
The lack of personal time for pets 24 hours a day, especially in homes with children, can subconsciously stress them. Even pets that are playful and like to be around people like dogs can't handle it. And may be transformed into a ferocious animal as well
Dr. John Howe, President of the American Veterinary Association Given that both dogs and cats need a private corner that they feel is a safe place. Able to escape alone And no one would disturb
Therefore, the release of the children With a pet alone, it is something that should not be done. Because it may cause unexpected events that cause injury to the children If at that time the pet was not in the mood to play with people.
By statistics in the United States As many as 4.5 million people are reported to be bitten by dogs annually, while in Thailand the statistics are no less than the same. When it was found that at least 1 million people were bitten by animals each year, 97 percent of which were the most popular pets like dogs.
Stressed because the owner is stressed
In addition to being stressed because of being disturbed and unable to sleep. The owner's stress is also a factor that makes the dog. Cats can be stressed too. In which the intensive work of sitting Or a stressful meeting via video call Without getting up to stretch at all, it may cause stress without knowing.
Although we may think we can cope with everything. But did you know that pets can feel the stress and anxiety that we have? And that stress can be transmitted to pets more than their owners. This is because of the bond that occurs between the pet and its owner. One study in Sweden, published in Scientific Reports, found that when the owner's hair and pet hair were measured to the stress hormone cortisol, it was found that the stress levels of people and pets were close. The side is incredible, ever!
How do you know if your pet is stressed?
Although dogs and cats are unique and not different from people. But what is enough to notice that the dog is stressed or not. Consider that there is trembling, howling, howling, drooling or not. Some dogs may have techniques to reduce stress by yawning and licking their lips. Or licking the torso very much
In addition, some people who are very stressed may also manifest themselves with depression. I don't want to move my body Refusing to eat Or may be accompanied by diarrhea and diarrhea.
The cats are more difficult to read gestures. Therefore, the owner must pay attention to whether or not sing too often. Have symptoms of not wanting to eat Hiding in different angles or not playing with your favorite toys?
However, cats often send a signal to their owners as well. If they don't get a response In which the poop could be put on the couch and pissed on the sofa, which the owner should not be silent This is because stress in cats can lead to bloody urine.
How to relieve stress on pets?
If any house has small children It may be time to play with the pet at home. Because both dogs and cats like to do things at their own time, whether it's eating Or play with the owner
Having territory for the pet, such as a barrier or a sleeping cushion It will help them feel that there is a safe space where they can go to sleep comfortably as well. It is also a practice for them to relax in their own private spaces.
As for taking pets to exercise And play together It is something that should not be ignored as well. Pups, in particular, will especially appreciate the opportunity to play with their boss. People who have cats need to keep playing with them as well. In which the use of toys like feathers It will allow the cat to enjoy chasing.
In addition, bathing or brushing our pets can also help them relax. It is also a great expression of love and care for dogs and cats.

Posted 25 Jan 2021

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