"Tofu Juice" is not to blame, but must be careful with sugar.

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It is an online panic. After finding that the blame of the tofu juice was found to cause cancer And affects the thyroid gland By information from the Thai news agency that made inquiries to Col. Ying Surirat Jaruhathai, MD (Sorob 4), the Internal Medicine group Police Hospital and Dr. Witawat Naewong, an endocrinologist, diabetes mellitus, thyroid, Chulalongkorn Hospital. About that Both doctors stated that in fact Tofu juice is useful. Not punishable as shared online in any way.

Pol. Pol. Ying Surirat Jaruhathai, MD (Sorob 4), Internal Medicine group The hospital, police said, said drinking the curd does not increase the risk of developing breast cancer. Some people are concerned that curd juice contains something like the female hormone estrogen, which makes people worry that. Drinking curd juice can cause cancer. But in medicine, there is no clear evidence that some of the substances in the tofu drink cause more cancer. And to be stimulated to the extent that you have to drink in large quantities Which normal people do not drink much to stimulate cancer cells.

Tofu juice, on the other hand, is a hormone-modulating agent during stable menstruation. Reduce discomfort Irritability It also makes the skin clear and fine. Suitable for people of all genders and ages who want to have good skin. Especially postmenopausal women who will have less estrogen intake.
“We can drink tofu normally. And still be something that is useful to the body It is a relatively cheap and good protein that can be substituted for people with cow's milk allergy, ”Pol. Lt. Ying Surirat continued.
Dr. Witawat Naeng, an endocrinologist, diabetes mellitus, thyroid at Chulalongkorn Hospital said that the medical information has not been found that people with normal thyroid Getting adequate iodine Then eat a lot of soybeans or tofu juice Cause harm to the thyroid For people with Thairoid disease, low work or Hypothyroidism. And taking thyroid medication There is information that eating soy or drinking a lot of tofu juice. Will interfere with the absorption of this drug But still be able to eat soy or drink tofu juice Just need to eat 4 hours away from taking thyroid pills.

“For the information that curd juice causes diabetes is not entirely true. The tofu or soy milk contains protein and carbohydrates. Have a small amount of fat No cholesterol If not mixed with color additives Or mix sugar The likelihood of developing diabetes is low. But if the tofu juice has a lot of sugar, it has a chance to cause diabetes, ”Dr. Witawat concluded.
However, even if the tofu juice is useful. But if you drink too much can have a negative effect on the body should drink 1 glass a day, which is sufficient. And suitable for the body

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Posted 25 Jan 2021

Posted 25 Jan 2021

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