What time is the best time for sex?

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When it comes to having sex Of course, the time spent in bed for each partner is different. Some are convenient only at night. Or some like sex to get dawn, however, male genitals are more sensitive to stimulation in the morning. While women tend to have sex during the night. Which is the time when myself dealt with various tasks Or send the child to bed already, however, men and women have some differences in the following matters
Testosterone Difference: Men have a testosterone spike between 6:00 AM and 9:00 AM, causing full erection. Unfortunately, women have low levels of this hormone in the morning. And will rise slightly at night
Hormonal cycles are different: The difference between a man's morning testosterone is 25-50%, making men feel like having sex in the morning. On the other hand, a significant irreversible change in testosterone in women occurred daily. But will happen on a monthly basis With a large increase in the mid-month Which is the period during which the ovulation But this increase is not as large as men.
Cleanliness: Most women consider cleanliness before having sex. So bad breath in the morning The smell of sweat on the body Or bad smell of the genitals They all make the bully out of the mood to have sex in the morning. While male olfactory senses are not as sensitive as women Make these things not a problem for him.
Tips for morning sex

Focus on the benefits: Both women and men will perform better after morning sex. After sex Vasopressin hormone will increase. Resulting in men feeling more connected as well
Slowly start: Take time to hug and compliment the other person. Which researchers found What hinders a woman's sexual desire is External appearance Therefore, complimenting or saying that she feels good about her body will also help women feel more confident.
Go to bed more quickly: Lack of sleep can lower testosterone levels in women and men. Getting enough sleep is necessary for maintaining hormonal balance. It also helps to limit the stress hormone cortisol, which blocks sex drive in both males and females.

Tips for sex at night
Watch a sports game: Research has shown that Watching sports events can help men become more emotional. And stimulate testosterone
Drops in sweet words: Sending a loving message will help build emotional connections that may boost a woman's mood.
Exercise Together: Heavy Resistance Exercise Or about 30-40 minutes of endurance exercise can increase testosterone.
However, whether you enjoy sex during the day or at night, it's important to have honest communication with each other. You and your partner may enjoy sex at different times. But pampering the other person from time to time will help both of you enjoy the fun in bed.

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