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well...it was hard to find us seats coz cinema was house full on the third day of the release of the movie.....

starts off in a happy manner (everyone is livin happily).....well knitted dialogues and dramatic situations coupled with catchy songs with good picturisation drag the movie forward.....it's not an action movie but doesnt let u get bored till its interval....well in the 2nd half it gets dead slow as reema has tried her best to brighten her character. Half of the 2nd interval is all abt reema's ghum and soug (lol) .....movie keeps on going at a very slow pace..and suddenly the end comes....the only thing i hate abt dis movie was its end....it was kinda typical and predictable....i had already told ma frens k ab yeah ho ga....aur exactly the same thing happend....lol...

good things abt the movie are:
It's not vulgar...saaf suthri family movie
It's got good music with excellent picturisation ang good dances...
its the first directional venture of Reema and it didnt look like her first direction
story is well knitted with beautiful dialogues and dramatical situations
Momi acted well...which i wasnt expecting...lol

things that I didnt like abt the movie:
Its very slow paced
Looks like dat Reema owns the 2nd half....theirs Reema in every seen...i was kinda fed up of seeing her in every scene...
It doesnt have a good and shocking end....

Overall its a good effort..shud be appreciated.and will be a hit inshallah

Posted 16 Aug 2005

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