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About cleanliness of food Is important Because if we don't care It may affect the body in the long run. Today we bring you the stories and experiences of people who have met to share with you. And believe that many people would have encountered these events

1. Put on gloves and change money If you observe Believe that more than 90% of the food vendors Even when wearing gloves to keep clean But still use a glove-like hand to handle And change money for customers on a regular basis Finished and went to sell the goods Which everyone knows that Money is a very good source of disease accumulation. Because a lot of people pass the hand

2. Grill basket for carts that sell grills. That will have a grill for grilling such as sausages, grilled chicken, grilled chicken, etc. When finished, will push the car to park in front of the room, rental room or outside the house. Some of you do not keep the equipment in the house. Or go clean Will place the grate on the cart When it was late at night, there would be a bunch of men running out and rushing over the grid Including pee into the grill without the sales person not knowing

3. String of thread to cut boiled eggs. In rice shops with hard boiled eggs, a string of hard boiled eggs is cut. And never wash the string all day long. Since the store opened until the store closed I found this a lot, almost 99%, it is true that it happened. Because the employees who work at the store tell themselves that they do not wash

4. Curd is useful in excretion. But it also contains a lot of sugar as well. Compare 1 bottle, about 3.5 teaspoons, so you should not drink more than 1 bottle a day. To get more sugar than necessary. Will have a negative effect on the body Should be controlled in the right amount.

5. Fried foods: A study by the Food Commission has been conducted and surveyed by most shops selling fried foods such as chicken frying oil, fried oil, meatballs. Snazzy Fried Fish Oil Tofu frying oil, etc., often use oil to fry repeatedly. Because they want to reduce costs in sales But eating food that uses oil to fry repeatedly. Will cause negative effects on the body, such as causing the rhythms of the rhythms, the rhythms, the rhythms, the mounds, etc.

6. Orange juice from the experience that I have met. Will see that the orange juice shop Not usually like washing oranges before juice. This will contain dirt and debris that are stuck on the orange peel. And when it is squeezed Will cause contamination in the orange juice Therefore, it is advisable to choose a clean, reliable store for our own health.
Some people who are physically healthy are very immune. Was not affected And what symptoms do you show But some people who are less immune Eating unclean food It will cause diarrhea easily. So we should turn to pay attention And be more careful with choosing food Avoid unclean food Because it may adversely affect the body Take care of your body For our good health in the long run.

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Posted 31 Jan 2021

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