Known for masks, 4 ways to choose 'good mask' to prevent dust and virus.

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Known for masks, 4 ways to choose 'good mask' to prevent dust and virus.
Good masks - the situation of the COVID-19 virus Still spread Which in Thailand still found patients with ongoing infections As a result, nowadays, no matter where you go, a large number of people are seen wearing masks Because it is one of the basic ways to protect yourself Resulting in a shortage of masks And began to make cloth masks sold instead Using different fabric types Or some people do it by themselves to reduce the burden of increased expenses. It also helps to reduce the problem of mask waste that is a big problem at the moment.
Dr. Suparatana Kunanuson, MD, Vejthani Hospital revealed that from the COVID-19 epidemic situation Resulting in a shortage of masks Causing consumers to turn to cloth masks as more alternative masks Because it can be washed and reused Which a good mask should have the following features: 1. Prevent water passing not more than 10% 2. Protect at least 95% 3 micron particles 3. Wear face tightening, so there should be a variety of sizes to suit the wearer according to gender and age.

4. Wear and still breathe, not too uncomfortable.
Currently, there are many types of masks that are popular, such as:

1. N95 mask is a standardized mask and has been accepted. It is often used by medical personnel in hospitals that have a high risk of meeting patients. The protection effectiveness of this mask is higher than that of conventional masks. It is able to prevent dust from PM 2.5, PM 10 and germs as small as 0.3 microns and provide high protection against COVID-19, but may not be popular with the general public because it is difficult to breathe. And cannot be reused

2. Pulp mask It's a mask that most people are familiar with. Can be bought online When wearing and breathing easily It can help prevent the spread of germs and bacteria from coughing or sneezing. Prevent PM 2.5 dust and prevent COVID-19 virus. Quite well But cannot be reused

3.Pitta mask or sponge mask This is a mask for filtering air. Whether dust and smoke Or various pollution Washable and reuse. Able to resist small dust particles and pollen. But cannot protect against PM 2.5 dust and COVID-19 virus

4.Cloth mask is a reusable dust mask. Washable and reuse. Can prevent PM 2.5 dust, but prevent the virus from COVID-19 Little

5. Nano zinc oxide fabric mask with Teflon coated cloth. It is a new innovation that combines the use of nano zinc oxide embedded in the fibers to inhibit the growth of bacteria. With Teflon coated exterior To prevent the absorption of the aerosol from coughing and sneezing, not to be absorbed into the inside. And can prevent dust or small particles up to PM 0.1 level, washable and reusable
“Consumers are advised to use careful judgment when selecting masks from a reliable vendor source. And has data to confirm the actual performance test To obtain a mask with protective properties Inhibit dust and germs that affect the respiratory system effectively, safely and effectively. And does not increase the risk of infection, "said Dr. Suparatana.

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Posted 01 Feb 2021

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