At what age should I use "toothpaste" to be appropriate?

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Department of Health, Ministry of Public Health xo auto Suggest people to squeeze the fluoride toothpaste and use the appropriate amount. Brush your teeth properly Help prevent tooth decay
The amount of toothpaste = the amount of fluoride appropriate for each age.
Dr. Phanphimon Wipulakorn, Director-General of the Department of Health, revealed that fluoride is a substance that helps prevent tooth decay that has been accepted by dentists around the world. The use of fluoride to prevent tooth decay. The Department of Health has determined the appropriate and safe dosage and use which is effective fluoride toothpaste. Must receive a certification mark from the FDA, with a date, month, year of manufacture, not more than 3 years, and each use must be suitable for each age.
At what age should I use "toothpaste" to be appropriate?
Children between 0 - 3 years old, squeeze the toothpaste to touch the bristles when wet.
Children aged 3 - 6 years, squeeze the toothpaste the size of the brush width.
People over 6 years old, squeeze toothpaste as much as the length of the brush.
Be careful about using toothpaste in young children.
To be very careful, children under the age of 5 accidentally swallow toothpaste. And toothpaste for children, often flavored with fruit flavoring To make children like and want to brush their teeth, such as orange, strawberry, cola flavor, etc. Make some children want to eat toothpaste. Parents must always supervise the brushing of their children to prevent them from getting too much fluoride.
Tooth brushing takes the core 2-2-2
Dentist Piyada Prasertsom, Director of the Office of Dental Public Health, said that people of all age groups should take care of their oral health by brushing their teeth.
Brush your teeth with fluoride toothpaste. At least 2 times a day, morning and before bed. Especially the time before bedtime is a very important time. Because while sleeping Within the oral cavity there is little saliva secretion. Various pathogens Grow better than usual Causing the risk of tooth decay
Brush your teeth for at least 2 minutes at a time to ensure thorough brushing on all sides and allow the fluoride in the toothpaste to bind to the enamel. To prevent tooth decay
Avoid food and drinks within 2 hours of brushing your teeth. Including cleaning between the teeth with dental floss at least once a day before bed. It will help to increase the efficiency of prevention of caries and gingivitis more.

Posted 04 Feb 2021

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