What is an abscess in the armpit? How to treat and prevent it?

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If anyone has had an ?????????? abscess Should know very well how painful it is Especially when it is "Abscess in the armpit" because just sitting with the arms closed normally sometimes is difficult He also has to worry that the abscess will burst until the pus flows. Or soaking up the clothes until they lose confidence or not
Hello, the doctor wants to invite you to know about infectious diseases like "Axillary abscess" more so you will know what caused the abscess. And how can it be prevented
What is an axillary abscess?
An abscess (Boil or Furuncle) is an infection of the hair follicles or sebaceous glands. Most often, it is caused by the bacteria Staphylococcus aureus (Staphylococcus aureus), forming in the hair follicle and mixing with dead skin cells and pus. Slowly increasing the skin in the area swollen, red, and pus.
Although an abscess is not a life-threatening health condition. But it's a nuisance And pain that gave us a lot Especially when having an abscess in the armpit Because when it is, it will be difficult to lift the arm. Close the arm normally, the more difficult it is. Usually the abscess in the armpit will dry out by itself within 2 weeks, but if the abscess in the armpit does not heal within that time. Or getting bigger very quickly You should see your doctor. Because it may need to be treated with surgery
Symptoms of an axillary abscess
Red or pink bumps or nodules on the armpit
Pain in the blister area
Pus under the skin
Fever, feeling sick
Itching in or around the area
If the abscess appears like a pus Or multiple pus head next to each other is called "Carbuncle", which will cause pain, annoyance and take longer to heal.
Causes of an axillary abscess
An axillary abscess is caused by an infected hair follicle. This could be the result of these reasons.
Our armpits are a reservoir of sweat and dead skin cells. When you frequently shave your armpits, you can miss the razor, cutting the skin under the armpits, causing an open wound. Resulting in bacteria easily entering the skin Thus increasing the risk of bacterial infection
Excessive sweating
If you have to face the hot weather Or doing activities that cause sweat But did not take good care of cleaning the body Especially the armpit area It may make it easier to risk health problems from infection such as an abscess.
Does not keep the armpits clean.
If you don't clean your armpits well It may cause dead skin cells Mixed with fat or germs Until causing an abscess or acne
A weak immune system
When the immune system is weak The body will not be able to fully fight bacteria. That is why you are prone to health problems due to various bacterial infections, including abscesses, and abscesses are among the most common health problems in people with diabetes, cancer, eczema, allergies.
How to prevent an abscess in the armpit
Although an armpit abscess is not life threatening. But it creates pain And affect our daily life quite a bit So we have a way to prevent an abscess in the armpit. If doing the following methods Your risk of developing an axillary abscess is definitely reduced.
Cleanses the body thoroughly You should shower at least once a day. To cleanse sweat, dirt and bacteria that may adhere to the body. Especially in the armpit area
If the wound is in the armpit Including wounds caused by shaving The wound must be completely covered. When you have a wound Especially open wounds You should cover the wound with gauze or a band aid. And should change the dressing material frequently Especially if wet To keep the wound dry and clean, reduce the risk that bacteria will enter the body through the wound.
Do not share personal items with others.Behaviors such as towels, sheets, shaves and clothes are personal items that you should reserve for alone. Should not be shared with others Because if one person is infected with staphylococcus aureus, the other You can share items with this infection through these utilities.
Clothes and towels should be washed with hot water mixed with detergent. Then dry or dry thoroughly before reuse, and best way, you should clean up your personal items on a regular basis. This will reduce the accumulation of germs and dirt that can lead to health problems. This includes an abscess in the armpit.
Keep healthy Getting enough sleep Eat a healthy diet. And exercise regularly It is a very basic way to keep your body systems, especially your immune system, strong. And able to fight off various pathogens That can invade the body Thus greatly reducing the risk of getting sick from infectious diseases.

Posted 07 Feb 2021

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