What is the cause of the habit of "biting your nails"?

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Have you ever wondered if xo auto Why do some people have the habit of biting their nails? What causes the behavior of nail biting? We go to find the answer together. And learn how to fix them that will make them stop biting your nails From the article below
Fangs And habit
Most of the habit of biting nails is a habit that has been carried around since childhood. In childhood who like to bite nails It may be because of it fangs. Who likes to bite everything, even fingernails - own toenails But if reaching adulthood Still unable to stop the habit of biting nails May be used to And already got into the habit
Stress and anxiety
Psychological states that Individuals who have grown up but still have a habit of biting their nails Showing that it may be considered a compulsive disorder Due to accumulated stress Including having anxiety This habit of biting nails can be found in both women and men. By biting the nails that fall into the category of mental illness Patients often show symptoms such as biting their own nails while absent. Or biting one's nails until deformed and bleeding wounds, etc.
Bad nails, broken teeth, risk of infection!
Nail biting can be just a temporary behavior. But if it becomes a habit until it cannot be resolved It may cause the shape of the nail is not beautiful, deformed. And, of course, it also affects personality. It may cause disease or health problems in various ways as well. Whether it is a matter of teeth that can be damaged due to nibbling Including the issue of germs that are trapped under the nails Which normally the hand is already a breeding ground for many pathogens And during the day we touch many objects Nail biting is therefore the risk of introducing germs into the body. And may cause subsequent infections
How to prevent biting your nails
Nail polish
Nail polish will help to bite the nails. Have a more difficult chance Because nail polish has a bitter taste Thus making this a method that is quite effective. Which if anyone who likes to bite their nails a lot, but having already painted their nails does not help This work may require a doctor. And diagnose what the cause really is in order to receive the correct treatment
Short nails
Keeping your nails short will help reduce biting. Because when nails are short, it may not cause fangs. Which cutting nails to be short that It does not mean that it should be cut short on the film. But to cut short, polite as normal people contrast. Another thing is to suggest that you try to carry a nail clipper with you. Because sometimes it may cause the urge to bite nails to change to want to trim nails instead.
Chewing gum
Chewing gum is one solution that allows you to gradually change your behavior. But if they act regularly and know to restrain Think more about the impact Will make the habit of biting nails gradually disappear by itself

Posted 08 Feb 2021

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