Check for warning signs of depression Do you have this condition or not?

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Depression, the silent threat of fear, a popular disease of people today We always hear and see the sad news for people with depression, especially teenagers of the working age who are often subjected to stress, pressure, and regret from work, school, or poor interactions with. People around such as friends, bosses, siblings, family, relatives, teachers, etc. When the suppressed inside is not released, it can cause depression.

So how do we know if we or someone close to you is suffering from depression or not? We can know from the behaviors that have been expressed during this time. Everyone, to observe whether we have these symptoms or not, will be helpful in preventing and finding a cure for depression.

1. Are in a depressed mood, feeling discouraged, hopeless and worried all the time
2. Bored all day, do not want to do anything. Or anything that was fun to do that was not fun as before.
3. Loss of appetite, unable to eat, or eat more unusual
4. Insomnia, difficulty sleeping, waking up or sleeping all day, sleeping too much
5. Thinking slowly, speaking slowly, doing something slow down, feeling paranoid, irritated, and unable to stay
6. Feeling tired all the time. No energy to do
7. Concentrate, think and read slower.
8. Feeling that I am worthless. Blame yourself for the problem
9.I don't want to live Think of self harm Not doing the same routine Obviously suffering

If you have at least 5 of these symptoms and continue for 2 weeks, it is assumed that you or someone close to you have symptoms of depression. Or if you are still unsure whether you are depressed or unable to try the Depression Assessment Test from the Ministry of Public Health, Department of Mental Health, follow this link. Depression assessment form
Depression can be cured by seeing a doctor to get the proper treatment. There are drugs, therapy, or electrotherapy. We therefore need to keep observing ourselves and those around us that they have symptoms that may be depression or not. If you know it quickly, you can heal it No one wants to hear bad news from a patient with depression.

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Posted 09 Feb 2021

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