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Koi Tujh Sa Kahan
Lollywood diva Reema's dreams, aspirations and plans in an exclusive interview with

By Fatima Zehra
Photography by
Muzzafar Mehdi

The zest for life in her eyes captivates you and she knows the art of holding your undivided attention. Reema is easily any interviewer's delight. She is candid, funny, and chirpy but sharp enough to tackle any query thrown her way. "I have learned a lot the hard way. Life's ups and downs have rubbed on me but I have always emerged wiser from unpleasant experiences," Reema expressed during her exclusive interview with You!

Reema was visiting our city-by-the-sea last week in her whirlwind tour to over look the last remaining details before the premier of her directorial debut Koi Tujh Sa Kahan. She was going through press conferences, appearing on TV shows and fuelling as much hype as she could possibly muster for her first sliver screen venture.

Now a week later, it seems it has paid off well enough - not that Reems had any doubts otherwise. "Look, I staunchly believe in hard work. You reap what you sow. At the end of it all what would matter to me the most is when any number of people would get up from their seats and come out of the cinemas saying that they genuinely liked what they saw," replied Reema when asked whether she was satisfied with the way her movie shaped up and with the way it got projected locally and in the international markets. "From day one I decided that I would give the marketing side my best shot. Look at the way movies get projected in India - people here in Pakistan know more about upcoming Indian releases than about what's happening on our local front. I have made this movie for my people and when I planned my marketing strategy, I did my best to create as much excitement as I could."

Whew! Surely Reema now you know what it's like to be in the hot seat. "After taking up KTSK and completing it successfully I would say this direction business has got to be the toughest thing I have done in my life," Reema quipped as we were discussing the hurdles she faced during filming. "Talk about tensions! I swear there were number of times when I came to a point of just going bonkers. But I had to keep my cool. From financial disasters to 'natural' obstacles, we had to bear everything. Lots of our equipment got damaged; an expensive camera broke down, which obviously had to be repurchased. Then there were climatic constraints. Once it rained for three days straight and it messed up everything from the dates of my actors to the set we had put up - I lost a lot of money. But now I just look back at it as part of the experience."

So many hurdles, facing such a lot of skepticism - was it all really worth it? What actually inspired Reema to get up one day and announce that she is going to make a movie? "It's not like that. It's not as if one fine day I just decided out of the blue that since I have my name and money to flaunt I will make a movie. For me reaching this point has been quite an odyssey. Our film industry is going through a serious crisis. We need to infuse life in our stagnant setup. People have had enough of 'formula flops' that sadly every other director is churning out these days. I reached a well-planned and conscious decision to make a movie, which would provide my public some respite. Look I am not claiming that I have created a masterpiece but yes Koi Tujh Sa Kahan is guaranteed to pleasantly surprise the audience."

Are there any names from yesteryears, which inspired Reema? "Hasan Tariq, S. Suleiman sahib etc. have always inspired me. Then I love what the younger lot has done in India like Dil Chata Hai by Farhan Akhter is such a refreshing change. I firmly believe that we need to encourage our new directors as well."

So now where would the 'post-euphoria-phase' of KTSK find Reema? Any new projects under her wing? "I have reached that point in my career where I can enjoy exclusivity. I would love to do Indian ventures but only if they are co-productions." And hey, what about tying the knot and settling down and riding off with her prince charming? "Oh that! My nani asks me every year pretty much the same thing and by now she's pretty sick and tired of me telling her I would definitely be 'settling' down after a year," laughed off Reema. "But don't worry. Whenever it happens the whole world would catch it 'live' on Geo. Till then give me a break!"

- For a flawless skin, maintain a healthy regimen. A balanced diet always pays off. Drink plenty of water everyday. Also go for juices, (Reema's personal favourites are watermelon and apple).

- If you want a flat tummy and no 'tires' around your waist, then make time for exercises plus avoid drinking water immediately after your meal. Drink water after an hour or more.

- NEVER use hard soap on your facial skin. Always go for liquid soft soaps according to your skin type. Never compromise on low quality stuff just to save a few bucks. Remember your skin is worth it.

- After washing your face with liquid soap, let the water dry on your face and then apply pure rose water on your face. Please make sure the rose water you are applying is fresh and original.

- For healthy bouncy hair, apply and massage your scalp and hair with oil twice a week. Keep your hair clean. Your healthy diet would automatically reflect on your hair as well.

Reema trivia

- Reportedly Reema was a school going 14-year-old when she started her showbiz career.

- She is an avid follower of natural desi home-made products and concoctions for glowing skin and hair.

- Her educational background - she's a graduate. (Hmmm)!

- It has been revealed that Reema has acted in well over 200 films.

Reema's favourite lip shades

Some days back Reema was engaged in an interesting 'telephonic-chat/interview' with the public. During the phone calls, there was a young girl who called just to ask Reema what were her favourite lipsticks. Apparently the girl eagerly followed the kind of makeup Reema is usually seen in. Reema promptly replied that she uses Lancome lipsticks, and the shades she uses frequently are soft beige and soft pink.

Posted 20 Aug 2005

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