Solve questions! Why do people get sick with Alzheimer's more?

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Today, congenital slotxo disease of the elderly is not just diabetes. High blood pressure Or only heart disease, but also "Alzheimer's disease" found that the number of patients has increased steadily.
Around 50 million people are diagnosed with dementia worldwide, according to the World Health Organization (WHO) and nearly 10 million new cases are added every year, of which Alzheimer's disease is a common disease. In most dementia patients, or about 60-70 percent of all patients.
Longer life, increased chance of dementia.
One of the key factors that has made it more common in Alzheimer's disease today. It is because people live longer than in the past. As the medical evolution progresses As a result, there are many patients who survived various diseases.
However, age is the number 1 risk factor for developing dementia. And is a factor that cannot be avoided As they lived longer, it was found that more people with dementia were found as well. With dementia often found in patients aged 65 years and over
However, current lifestyles or lifestyles can also be an accelerating factor for dementia. Or having the same routine every day, not socializing Likes to be alone, suffers from chronic depression and does not receive treatment. Or have underlying disease that can cause ischemic stroke, such as diabetes, high blood pressure High blood fat But don't take good care of your health Can increase the risk of dementia as a result
"Alzheimer's" the main cause of dementia.
Alzheimer's is a condition in which brain function deteriorates. Because brain cells are destroyed and affect daily life. Brain function consists of six areas: concentration, focus on what's ahead, thinking, decision-making and planning, memory, language, understanding of paths, socializing.
If one of the brain functions are lost and unable to live properly, for example, by name the wrong thing. Inability to sequence the steps in what they used to do regularly Short-term memories disappear Or lost direction Showing that it is entering dementia
For Alzheimer's disease, it is the most common cause of dementia patients. This affects the part of the brain that controls thinking, memory, and language. Which is a disease that cannot be cured back to normal
However, dementia is caused by a number of other causes as well, categorized as a common cause of dementia such as encephalitis, certain brain tumors, drug side effects, and hypothyroidism. , Vitamin B12 deficiency, heavy metal poisoning, chronic mold, HIV infection.
The causes of dementia that can be treated normally such as Parkinson's disease, dementia caused by ischemic cerebrovascular disease, dementia patients with neurological symptoms. Has hallucinations, has severe head injuries.
Alzheimer's is not a natural deterioration.
Alzheimer's is a disease that has not been found to have a clear cause. And not a natural deterioration But the degeneration caused by a type of protein called Beta-amyloid (Beta-amyloid) insoluble. Which when it binds to brain cells will result in dementia and atrophy of the brain cells Including damage communication between brain cells From the reduction of acetylcholine (Acetylcholine), a neurotransmitter that directly affects memories.
When beta-amyloid deposits are formed As a result, the brain's performance gradually deteriorates, starting with the hippocampal brain. (Hippocampus) plays an important role in remembering new information. So when these brain cells are destroyed Patients will develop memory problems, especially short-term memory. The damage then spreads to other brain regions. And affect learning The patient's feelings, thoughts, language and behavior
Can't prevent But can delay Alzheimer's
Because the cause of Alzheimer's disease is not yet known. Therefore there is no way to prevent the disease But there are ways that may help slow the onset of the disease. Is to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease This is because patients with this disease are more likely to develop Alzheimer's disease and vascular dementia that follow.
Therefore, it is best to take care of your health by eating healthy foods in moderation. By choosing to eat at least 5 portions of fruits and vegetables a day, keep exercising for at least 150 minutes a week, and choose aerobic exercise that allows the body to use the large muscles repeatedly, such as cycling, running, brisk walking, and examining. Control the blood pressure level not too high. Including abstaining from smoking And drinking alcohol too And if sick with diabetes Regular diet and medication should be controlled.
In addition, research has shown that people who train themselves to be physically active, thoughtful, and social skills on a regular and regular basis. Or people with a variety of activities or hobbies It may also be less likely to develop dementia.
In addition, adjusting your own habits For better brain health! By paying attention to the diet, sleep and exercise. Is another way to help the brain to remain active. Even though they are getting older
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