The power of writing essays for children

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[u]Essay writing for children has been a source of entertainment and learning for generations of readers.  The written word as a form of literature allows us to tell a story that would otherwise be impossible to tell in words.  [/u]

As children, we used to share our thoughts and experiences, even if we tell a story about something we are familiar with.  We can share these things and connect with our world as adults by creating characters who have their own thoughts and feelings associated with their stories.  We invite you to familiarize yourself with our power point presentation here , this is for comparison and understanding.  Everything you need to order is also on this page.
[u]Thus, we find ourselves gravitating toward children's essay writing and the resulting knowledge, as if we were sitting with our children and discussing it with them.[/u]
  We kind of talk to them.  One of the advantages of writing essays for children is that it is very easy.  When the child begins to write, he simply repeats the routine or gives a description of the experience.  They use the language they have learned and developed during their lives, so there are no obstacles to mastering new words and phrases.  While the child recites what he thinks, not necessarily what they mean, his ideas gain strength and become reality.
[u]There is also an aspect of sentimentality associated with writing children's essays.[/u] 

We all remember well-written essays and stories from childhood.  We can feel these pieces of love from our parents.  Thus, we aim to recreate these sounds in our own essays and stories.  While we never attribute emotion to writing, the feeling we get when reading a good essay is almost identical to what we get when we hear a good story.

Posted 27 Feb 2021

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