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Psychologist Karina Weingard is the author of a unique concept of 3 levels of awareness, which unites existing schools of psychology and allows you to understand the personality without getting hung up on details and going to extremes. The use of her unique integrated approach allows for the most accurate diagnostics of a personality at any stage of development and helps to better understand oneself, determine one's strengths and find out where to go next.

It took Karina Weingard more than 8 years to develop her own concept. Prior to that, she graduated from a university in Russia with a degree in psychology, defended her Ph.D. and doctoral dissertations. Moreover, Weingard became a doctor of psychological sciences already in Europe, where she first began to apply her method.


Karina was born and raised in a family of intellectuals. Her mother is a pharmacist, and her father is a candidate of historical sciences, head of the department. The father often took his little daughter with him to the institute and sat in the back rows of the audience. She enthusiastically watched the process and her favorite pastime at home was playing “teacher”.

Already at the age of 5, Karina could “scan” a person and tell in detail about his character, habits, strengths and weaknesses. The infallibility of her assessments at first even frightened her parents, but everyone understood that this girl had a unique gift that must be developed.

In her interviews, Karina Weingard notes that as a child, she often had to hide from others what she thought of them. Adults were frightened by such insight, and many simply did not want to hear the truth about themselves, especially from a child.

Even at preschool age, Karina realized that she wanted to help people, and as she grew up, this desire only intensified. Later, already studying at the university and working on dissertations, she definitely chose her own path - helping those who want to unleash unrealized potential. Read the full info here https://?????????-??????-????????

Posted 28 Feb 2021

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