Bathroom Renovation

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Would you recommend how to renovate my old bathroom?
Posted 02 Mar 2021

I would not spend money on repairs and replace everything
Posted 02 Mar 2021

Nortman says
you can make major repairs and it is much more profitable
Posted 02 Mar 2021

Ace864 says
Honestly, I cannot take a shower when the bathroom is untidy. That’s why I hate bathrooms in old buildings. I think that if you have a chance, then it is better to at least try to upgrade your kitchen and bathroom. I think those two places are important in the house. Besides, you will notice how convenient it is to have modern plumbing and appliances. When we just bought our house, I decided to upgrade the bathroom. It was in a horrible condition before. I found a nice service, who helped me with my renovations. Just click here to find out more about prices and their services.
Posted 02 Mar 2021

nalid71351 says
Thanks for the blog post buddy! Keep them
Posted 05 Mar 2023

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