QuickBooks Loan Manager – An Overview

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QuickBooks LoanManager allows you to decompose every payment to correct amounts ofprincipal & interest payable. You can easily set up and process monthly
installment payments and adjust them if you miss a payment. In this blog, we
will get to know how to track new and existing loans, create repayments and run
some different ‘what-if scenarios’ for comparison on different loan choices.
How is QuickBooks Loan Manager Helpful?
Let’s see how  LoanManager in QuickBooks works. Any loan needs a fixed monthly payment,and this includes the monthly compounded interest at a fixed rate, the monthly
principal installments, the decreased interest portion and the increased
principal portion that grows with each installment payment throughout the Loan.
Now, we know the Loan is issued at a fixed interest rate andwith every installment reduces the principal amount of the outstanding loan,
the interest paid of the fixed amount of installment payment is also lower.
Posted 02 Mar 2021

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