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ok guys i have started a new thrad which if u put some work in we could see how much talent does everyone have in them to either make a really good film etc.. i have made a poster of my script which am currently working on. yes it is going to be a pakistani film and inshallah it will be seen on big screen some day! the poster which i have made is false though.. i took some picture from here and some there and made a poster for my story just have a look at it and give me soem feed back i dont care if it is a bad view or wat ever coz it wont effect me instead it will give me more confidence to do even more better stuff.... i dont knw whoc the ppl in the posters are in reall but for my story these are my idel characters. so have a look at it and tell me!!! thnx
hope u would also show some good presentation of ur work...

Posted 31 Aug 2005

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