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Searching for apartments for sale to buy isa very important decision. Investing all your savings or looking for a mortgage
loan in order to have a home of your own is not something that is decided
overnight. Are you buying a house? Consider the importance of keeping her
Here we leave you apartments in BenitoJuárez ideal for you to start with your search. If you already have some
options in mind, include home insurance in your financial plan .
In Mexico, most people take out insuranceonly after having a bad experience. This happens because we convince ourselves
that we are exempt from accidents or unfortunate events and we believe that
insurance is an unnecessary expense. Consequently, when events beyond our
reach, such as an earthquake, occur, our economy is seriously affected.
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According to data from the Mexican Associationof Insurance Institutions (AMIS), in 2019 only 6.7% of homes in Mexico had
insurance on a voluntary basis. 20% of the homes acquired it as a requirement
of a mortgage loan. The Association also highlights that the country has a low
insurance culture despite the fact that 41% of the national territory is
exposed to hurricanes, earthquakes, storms, volcanic eruptions and fires.
Faced with these types of events, a homewhose value amounts to 1.5 million pesos will have an economic loss of between
700 and 800 thousand pesos if it is not insured. This scenario reflects the
importance of reinforcing the culture of prevention to protect your heritage
from situations that put it at risk.
Although it seems that taking out insuranceis an extra expense, it is actually an investment that protects you against
fortuitous situations that could severely affect your home. Prevention is
essential to prevent an incident from turning into a major disaster.
What is home insurance?
Home insurance is designed to protect boththe structure of the house and its contents from damage caused by an external
event, such as accidents, natural disasters, floods or even burglary.
Liability is one of the most importantguarantees that home insurance offers. This consists of protecting the owner of
the house against the damage that the property itself may cause to a third
party, such as a water leak. In this case, the insurance will be the one who
pays the corresponding compensation. With home insurance you can also cover material
damage to your property, such as broken glass.
Consider your needs and the characteristicsof the area in which you live when choosing insurance for your home. For
example, if you live in a seismic area, such as Mexico City, it may be more
convenient for you than your insurance policy. insurance is comprehensive and
covers the damage that an earthquake can cause.
What types of home insurance can you find?
There are different policies designed forthe needs that each person has according to their type of home. Insurance with
a damage policy is the most basic and also those that are obligatorily
contracted when applying for a mortgage loan. Its purpose is to protect the
house or apartment only in its structure, against events such as an earthquake
or a fire, for example.
There are also insurance with a multi-riskpolicy, which have more complete coverage. The multi-risk policy not only
includes the structure of the home but also everything that is in it, such as
furniture. It protects you against accidents that regularly affect these
objects, such as fires, water leaks or atmospheric phenomena such as storms or
Within these types you will find differentcoverage depending on the insurer you decide to hire. This is a list of the
coverages that are offered and what they are for:
Coverage for material damage: The riskscontemplated are earthquakes, earthquakes, meteorological disasters, volcanic
eruptions, glass breakage, damage caused to the home due to theft with violence
to the house or theft of valuables, falling trees, vandalism, among others.
Liability coverage: As we discussedearlier, liability is one of the most important guarantees. This covers damages
that may be caused to third parties by maintenance activities to the home, such
as a water leak. In addition, it includes damages caused by domestic workers,
family members, and even your pet.
Coverage for burglary at home: This policycovers compensation for personal property, valuables and cash, and has a limit
that will be established in the contract. Consider including this coverage
because in Mexico burglary is one of the most common crimes.
Having insurance to protect your home willhelp you avoid major complications in a disaster or emergency. Choose according
to your needs and those of your home. If you still cannot find the ideal place
for you, discover the wide range of TrueHome, where you will find centrally
located apartments in Narvarte Poniente or apartments in Portales Sur , and
they will also advise you on your purchase process from start to finish.
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