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If you want a big CNC machine you need a strong, vibration-resistant base. They build bells out of metal, so that might not be the best if
you want something that doesn’t shake. Epoxy granite is your best bet,
but what epoxy granite is the best? That’s the question [Adam Bender]
answered in a series of experiments that resulted in a great-looking CNC
machine.To get more news about granite machine base, you can visit cntrueplate official website.

While this is a project that resulted in a completed base for a CNC machine, this is also an experiment to determine the best formula for
creating your own epoxy granite. The purpose of the experiment is
effectively to determine the best-looking epoxy granite and uses four
variables in the composition of this composite. Play sand, gravel, dye
(in the form of iron oxide and liquid epoxy dye), and two-part epoxy
were used to create seven different samples. Samples using rock didn’t
turn out that great and still had trapped air. This was true even if the
epoxy was put in a vacuum chamber for degassing. The winning
combination turned out to be a mix of 80% sand and 20% epoxy with a bit
of black dye, vibrated for 30 minutes on a DIY shaker table.

With the correct formula for epoxy granite, [Adam] set up his mold and waxed everything liberally. The internal skeleton, or what the CNC
machine will be bolted to, is assembled inside the mold and the epoxy is
poured in. The result is fantastic, and an excellent base for a machine
that turns metal into chips. You can check out the video below.

Posted 13 Mar 2021

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