Carbonization and activation process of activated carbon

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Activated carbon can be divided into columnar activated carbon, granular activated carbon, powder activated carbon and honeycomb activated carbon according to its shape. Among them, granular activated carbon can be divided into two types: columnar crushed activated carbon and raw coal crushed activated carbon.carbon pellets  Large particles of coal-based crushed activated carbon During the process of consumption, granular activated carbon will go through carbonization and activation processes.
Carbonization is mainly to remove the volatile matter and tar in the activated carbon through high temperature quenching, so that it forms a secondary pore structure and gives the strength that can withstand activation. The quality of the carbonization directly affects the quality of the activated carbon. The activation is the use of gas to stop the oxidation reaction of the carbon, so that the appearance of the carbon is corroded.
The process of its pore structure becoming more and more prosperous, usually activated by high temperature steam. coconut shell granular activated carbon Activation is a key step in the manufacture of activated carbon, which will determine the iodine value, methylene blue, pore size dispersion, strength and other parameters of activated carbon. Columnar activated carbon The columnar activated carbon is crushed on the base of the columnar activated carbon and sieved according to the particle size.
Raw coal crushed granular activated carbon requires low ash content, good thermal stability and good porosity for consumer raw coal. The raw coal crushed granular activated carbon of activated carbon uses anthracite as the raw material, and the coal quality is stable. The consumption and processing process of raw coal crushed granular activated carbon is: raw coal-crushing-carbonization-activation-screening and packaging-finished product.

Posted 20 Mar 2021

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Posted 20 Mar 2021

Posted 20 Mar 2021

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