Found 3 values and benefits of honey. That you did not expect

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Everyone knows The benefits of honey as well, which honey is a product of nectar, flower pollen. That bees collect And through a natural process within the honeycomb until it becomes a sweet natural honey Which in addition to being cooked It is a combination of both savory dishes, sweet dishes and beverages. To be delicious and fragrant Also has many other benefits and properties
Honey, in addition to being sweet and delicious There are also health benefits that many people may not realize, because honey is rich in vitamins. And minerals that are beneficial to the body itself Today's homeopathic benefits Outstanding of honey in research from around the world to leave it.

The benefits of honey That you did not expect

1. Stimulate memories in the elderly
Research from the University of Sains Malaysia (Universiti Sains Malaysia) appeared in news reports from A Reuters journalist showed that golden age women who ate 20 grams of honey, or about 3 teaspoons a day for four consecutive months, were able to do a 15 percent improvement in memory tests.

2. Prevent falling immunity
Research from the Mayo Clinic Leading medical institution of the United States. Given that the group of patients with cancer. Who received chemical treatment along with eating 2 teaspoons of honey a day reduces the risk of low leukocyte. (Neutropenia), which makes the infection easily.

3. Solve scalp problems
A study by Dr Noori Al-Waili, published in the European Journal of Medical Research, experimented with mixing 1 part honey and 10 parts warm water together on the head. Leave it for about 3 hours, then rinse and wash your hair as usual. Do it at least once a week for 6 months in a row. Without coming back
There are many benefits like this. Health lovers should have a bottle of bee juice in the kitchen already. However, how useful is it? But do not forget that too much honey can be harmful as well. Therefore should be eaten in the right amount And to get the most benefit Do not forget to look at that The honey that you eat is real honey or not.

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Posted 27 Mar 2021

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