Why Is My Avast VPN not working properly?

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Avast VPN is one of the popularly used VPN systems; and many a time while using it, users encounter the issues of Avast VPN not working, such as Internet problems, Issues in Installation, Third-party interference, Location issues, and many more. To resolve the issue instantly, you must change the VPN location, check the internet connection and subscription. Next, turn off Windows Defender Firewall and Third-Party Antivirus Software, clean Booting PC and then reinstall the software.
Posted 31 Mar 2021

If your VPN is not working properly, you can try contacting the customer service from your VPN providers. Also, you can try disconnect your VPN and try logging in again. In addition, if you are in countries such as China, most VPNs are blocked there and won't work. You will need to have a VPN working in China (in Chinese, VPN??) to use a VPN in China.

Posted 30 May 2021

skilly447 says
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Posted 21 Apr 2022

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