What is allergic rhinitis and how to deal with it?

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Allergic rhinitis is a condition in which the body's immune system Strong resistance to airborne droplets Especially when these particles enter the body. The immune system secretes antibodies. To act in the fight against these dust particles Causing physical symptoms such as a sneezing, tight, itchy nose, and a runny nose

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Symptoms of allergic rhinitis
Patients with allergic rhinitis often develop symptoms. As follows
Persistent sneezing
Runny nose all the time
With phlegm in the throat
Tears flow
In severe cases, itching of the ears, nose and throat is observed.

What are the allergens?
Allergic rhinitis Often caused by different types of aerosols Some people develop an allergic reaction to dust mites, fur, and mold; others are caused by harmless things, such as grains and sawdust.If the cause of the allergy is pollen, the body may show allergy symptoms at some point in time. Of the year Especially during the period when the flowers begin to bloom. If you are allergic to various aerosols Home address Symptoms can occur throughout the year.

Diagnosis of allergic rhinitis
To determine if you have allergic rhinitis or not Doctors need to know the symptoms. And check your body Information about the symptoms. Where and when you first experienced symptoms And what makes the symptoms worse Or alleviate symptoms All of this is extremely important information. That will help your doctor to diagnose whether you have an allergic reaction or not. Or is it a different health problem
You may need to be tested to look for the allergen that is causing your symptoms. Allergy testing can be done in a number of ways, including a skin test. And laboratory testing In a skin test The doctor will apply an extract of the allergen onto the skin. To see if the substance is causing an allergic reaction or not. And perform laboratory tests This is a test for the substance that is likely to cause an allergic reaction in the patient.

Treatment of allergic rhinitis
There are no reports of methods for treating allergic rhinitis. But the best way is Avoidance of substances that cause allergic reactions If you are allergic to the substances in the house You should always clean your house to remove it. Dust mites or mold If you are allergic to pollen You should avoid being outside for a long time. During times when pollen counts are high
Symptoms of allergic rhinitis Can be treated by continuous use of medication But this treatment does not work for the following groups of patients.
Asthma patients
The elderly
Pregnant or breastfeeding women
In case you are in the above group You may seek treatment as soon as you develop symptoms. To prevent more serious symptoms
If the allergic reaction is severe Or you can not avoid allergens. Immunotherapy. (Immunotherapy) may be a way to help. Because this treatment helps prevent and relieve allergic reactions. But you need to know What kinds of allergens are the causes? Before receiving treatment with immunotherapy

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