Japanese housewife technique How to dry clothes in the room to dry clothes quickly?

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In japan When entering the transition of the season It often rains for several days in a row, which rains, many of them often have problems with the laundry. Where there is no sun, the weather is humid, it cannot dry clothes outdoors. Therefore need to be dried in the room But drying clothes in the room If you do not know the correct drying technique May cause the fabric to dry more slowly. Causing a musty smell It's like this, like this, it's not going to be good. Today, I would like to share techniques of Japanese housewives. How to dry clothes in the room to dry clothes quickly? And not stale

Put a dry towel before washing machine to drain the water.
Before the washing machine will drain the water Press pause. Then put in a dry towel to spin with Towels will help absorb the water. Dries faster But be careful of dust from the towel attached to the clothes as well. Before using, you should make sure that there is no dust sticking to it.
Hang the clothes upside down
The location where the clothes are difficult to dry are In the seam of the shirt pocket or trouser bag If you turn your clothes over before drying Will make the parts that are difficult to dry faster But having to turn the clothes over before drying them all can be a waste of time.There is another way to turn the clothes back on before washing, that is, immediately turn them off when they are removed or after use. Reverse washing will help keep the fabric from getting old easily as well.
Hang the clothes in an arc
In case of drying with a clothespin The position should be allocated in a curved shape as in the picture. By allowing a long cloth on the edge And keep the fabric short in the middle This will allow more air to flow into the center area. And spread evenly

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Dry away from the wall
The ideal position for drying clothes in the room is in the middle of the room, because if the air is hung on the wall, the air will not be able to be aired thoroughly In addition, the floor of the room will have a lot of humidity. Therefore, it should be aired in a position relatively high off the ground. Will help to ventilate The cloth dries quickly more quickly.
Spaced more than 5 cm.
If drying with a clothes hanger There should be a distance of 5 cm or more between the fabric. Which is the right distance Because if dried too close together will make it more difficult to ventilate, the fabric dries slowly and may cause a musty smell.
Lay newspaper under the clothesline.
This is another method that the Japanese people do and it works a lot. Just find a newspaper placed under the clothesline. Newsprint will help absorb moisture. Makes the fabric dry quickly, another technique is that if crumpled newspapers are placed, it will cause a gap between the floor and the paper. This allows the newspaper to be exposed to the air, which will help it absorb moisture more quickly.

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