Is it true? Japanese people drink "coffee" to help them excrete and prevent constipation.

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Many peopleslotxo auto have problems with constipation and irregular bowel movements. And use different methods To relieve constipation One of the methods that Japanese people use to help them defecate and prevent constipation is drinking coffee. Come to know the reasons why coffee facilitates the excretion. And know how to drink coffee to help excretion, according to the advice of Japanese people
Why drinking coffee improves bowel movements and prevents constipation.
Coffee contains caffeine. Which has the effect of stimulating the work of the colon to excrete waste from the body In addition to caffeine, coffee contains oligosaccharides extracted from a mixture of ground coffee beans. Oligosaccharides are good food for the good bacteria that live in the gut. As a result, the intestines have a good environment which makes it possible to have a good bowel movement as well.
In addition, drinking coffee with milk will greatly improve the excretion. Because Asians have little lactase enzyme for digestion of lactose. As a result, lactose is not digested and absorbed in the small intestine. But will be sent to the large intestine Where the bifidobacteria live Which are bacteria that help adjust the environment of the gut
How to drink coffee to relieve and prevent constipation.
Drink coffee in the morning while your stomach is empty.
The ingredients in the coffee stimulate the intestines and stimulate the colon movement. Resulting in defecation For good results, drink about 1 cup of coffee in the morning if you drink too much.Coffee has a diuretic effect which causes the body to lose water through urine. It causes insufficient water in the body to soften and soften the waste products in the colon to be expelled through feces Solution for people who drink coffee and urinate frequently is Have at least one cup of water after drinking the coffee.
Add oligosaccharides instead of sugar.
For people who like sweet Using a sweetener made from sugar oligosaccharides, such as fructo-oligosaccharides instead of sugar, will make it easier to excrete. This is because oligosaccharides are food for the good bacteria in the gut. This results in a good intestinal environment and improves bowel movements.
Add some olive oil and drink it with coffee.
Olive oil contains oleic acid. Which results in stimulating the work of the colon And help soften the stool in the colon Resulting in easy excretion from the body To make coffee, add olive oil to the coffee 2-3 drops or about 1 teaspoon, stir well and bring to drink.
The above methods of preventing and relieving constipation should be pleasing to the readers who love coffee. However, be careful not to drink too much coffee. Because in addition to having the opposite effect, it can also cause palpitations and irregular rapid beats and cause insomnia.

Posted 09 Apr 2021

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