The main reasons for losing love after marriage

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Cheating on his wife after years of marriage Became normal and funny In the life of a man Many men intend to love one heart. And a good husband after a formal marriage But missed a lot because after the wedding Not as expected So what is the reason .. that makes young men Your unfaithful and turn away Of course ..

     1. Early premature is not good.
      Cause, believe me, being together before marriage will only make it up to you to break up faster. If you go back more than 30 years ago, living together in a bed-sleeper under the same roof after marriage. It makes me feel like a rookie and gives me the patience to learn from each other more. Wrong with today that most couples prefer to live together before the wedding In order to study and see each other's hearts first to see if they are compatible or not If they can't get along, they don't have to marry because they won't be reputed to be widow And the thoughts of this group of couples tend to think that they still have the right to walk away at any time as long as there is nothing to be tied down. That's the point It caused each other to share their gaze at each other while looking at each other. Which does not concentrate on a single lover And when they actually got married Was already exhausted Even people with a history of one-hearted love have the same chance of cheating on their boyfriend because of boredom. Even if they are not unfaithful, they do not have enough patience.
      The solution if thinking of making a decision to actually stay together before the wedding Just think that this is marriage. Don't think this is a trial period. It takes patience and tolerance. Be empathetic like the person he actually married. Then your marriage will be happy.

      2. Men think marriage is boring.
       Cause marriage is like being framed in life because it is the most serious matter in men's life. And indicates a time when they have to take responsibility Either parenting or having grandchildren, it makes some men try to deny the reason that they are not ready and if they have to go to the ceremony despite Not ready, it is easily the point of irresponsibility, with the fact that they are a frequent tear of the old rules that make him try to relax by cheating on something new, exciting, or making him feel like he can. Out on a date all the time. Is what he wants all the time.
       The solution admires being a gentleman when he takes care of it. Take care of us a lot, trying to get information on the man who praises him as the head of the family often. But do not compare it with him, as it will make him even more tempted to break the rules because of the pressure. Every time he does something for his family, he is often appreciated and rewarded. Then the marriage will go smoothly More importantly, when he makes mistakes, he will think of the times you admire and feel embarrassed.

     3. Internet too much.
       The cause is confused, right? What does the Internet have to do with marriage? Because the online world has caused many people to cheat Sometimes you have to keep checking Well, what is he playing and doing now? Nowadays it's easier to find gigs online than putting a banana into your mouth. And even if your lover is a neat man But women are showing off in a lot of media these days, right? It was not difficult for him to be spoiled and eventually parted with us. Can't estimate because there are many couples who secretly communicate with Kik online. When the fans got caught, they had problems with doubts and finally broke up. Left only around the wound, seducing women like us
       The solution is trying to find other activities. In the family, do it often, such as cooking, watching movies, playing games, gardening, etc., so that he does not have too much time to turn to the Internet. Because if he is already stuck, it is difficult to unpack. In addition, we are curious. Ask to check it up, it will be a matter as well.

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Posted 11 Apr 2021

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