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Nike launched the first pair of lace-free sneakers, hoping to maintain the same development momentum as competitors such as Crocs and Vans
during the pandemic, because more and more consumers are beginning to
pay attention to comfort and lightness. Footwear. The "Go FlyEase" Nike Mercurial Vapor shoes sold on the market can be worn without the need for upper and
lower hands. The company said that this part of the inspiration comes
from Asian culture. In Asia, it is customary to take off your shoes
before entering the home. This is the first time people are more aware
not to touch dirty surfaces (such as shoe soles).
Nike FlyEase innovation manager Sarah Reinertsen said in an interview:
"These shoes really reflect our current situation in the Covid era."
"Actually, this is an innovation that has been brewing in our innovative
kitchen for a while. However, It will only appear when we need it more
than ever. Adidas Yeezy 350 Boost V2 " Go FlyEase is part of the Nike FlyEase series of running, football and
basketball shoes. It is said that these sneakers are easier to wear and
more suitable for the feet. Nike has been committed to FlyEase's
innovation for five years, including shoes with side zippers and a pair
of shoes with a drawstring on the back to secure the shoes tightly to
the heel. Renerson said: Air Jordan "Regarding Nike's decision not to use shoelaces, we have been using
shoelaces for a long time." "But... many times [people] try to get
around these shoelaces, they try to fix the shoe with one foot, and then
the shoelace slips out . Shoe straps are a bit cumbersome. We want to
make it easier for everyone to wear shoes. "But if you have to remember,
they don’t look like a pair of rubber crocodiles. For slip-on shoes,
Nike's version is very unique and complex. When not wearing, Go FlyEase
is in the open position. The independent foot bed platform separated
from the sole can be moved up and down through a hinge built into the
bottom. The strap is wrapped around the top of the shoe. After the foot
enters the foot, the buckle is in place, Nike Air Force because there is no shoelace to help tighten the shoelace. For many
consumers, the biggest problem with slip-on shoes is usually to make
them fit firmly on their feet. There is also a "support frame" on the
heel to help take off the shoes. Renerson said that many people have
already stepped on the back of their shoes intuitively to take off their
According to Reinertsen, Nike's latest shoes are not for endurance
sports, but for leisure sports (such as walking). She said that Nike
plans to design and manufacture more Go FlyEase-based pull-on sneakers.
These supplements can not only help Nike position its own sports brand,
but also position it as a brand for daily activities.
From February 15th, the new pair of sneakers will be available for Nike
members to buy in its largest market, with a retail price of US$120.
Subsequently, the sales range of this pair of shoes will be more
extensive. The product released in stages allows Nike's most loyal
customers to use it for the first time and hope that more people will
join its free membership program, which also offers fitness classes and
podcasts. By establishing membership, Nike can understand its customers
and identify target customers through products that are more suitable
for its active lifestyle. At present, comfort is the top priority of
consumers. Many people are still working at home, and they are looking
for a shoe that is convenient for wearing shoes or running errands at
home. Many people also spend more time outdoors and prioritize physical
exercise, such as walking nearby.
In recent months, brands that sell non-slip shoes (such as Crocs, Sports
Propulsion Laboratory, Allbirds, and Vans from VF Corp.) have become
more and more popular. Shoppers are increasingly avoiding high heels and
Oxford shoes and spending money on practical clothing and footwear.
Matt Powell, a senior sports industry analyst at the New York research
firm NPD Group, said: "Everyone is looking for comfort... an easy
thing." "Obviously, sports shoes outperform fashion.
...In the past year, sports slides have also done very well. "By 2020,
the sales of sports shoes in the United States will fall by 2%
year-on-year. Powell said that despite the decline, it is still better
than the overall sales of sports shoes, which fell by 6%. Crocs was once
avoided by the fashion industry. But it has always been an incredible
beneficiary of the comfort trend. In the third quarter, sports shoes Crocs’ revenue increased by 16% from the same period last year. A
record high in the same period. In January, Crocs raised its outlook for
the holiday quarter and said it expects sales growth in 2021 to
accelerate by 25%.
Posted 11 Apr 2021

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