KOREAN DIET: 5 ways to eat, lose weight like a scratch That we should not miss!

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If anyone has ever read Including methods of losing weight of Korean idols that can be said that… so harsh! I may be amazed at the weight loss efforts of beautiful Korean idols who have a really brutal way to lose weight.
But for Korean girls in general How do they lose weight?
That is what is beautiful, I feel wondering. After having the opportunity to visit the ginseng land for the last time and find that the girls there, apart from having good skin They also have a good figure. With no patience for doubt So fresh and beautiful, went to look for information and discovered their secrets. Bring it to your friends. Ready to go and get the secret to them!

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1. Smooth vegetables!
If you observe Korean food carefully, you will find that most of them have a lot of colorful and colorful vegetables in their food, no matter what kind of vegetables they are, and most importantly, most of the main dishes have vegetable side dishes. Always a couple in each meal.

2. Make your favorite dish
Try to cook the flavors to the fullest. Korean food is already quite famous for its spicy taste. Whether spices or chili peppers are often added to foods so that they can help speed up the metabolism. The result is a rapid weight loss. Therefore, anyone who wants to have a beautiful body, I can say that you must not miss

3.Korean ginseng helps you lose weight?
For this it is what the Korean says has excellent properties. Can help in matters of losing weight. Help in lowering blood sugar levels This causes less cravings for sweets or sugar. Korean ginseng also has tonic properties and can enhance male pecs. It's amazing, isn't it? Let's find and eat together. Certifying that it is extremely good for health

4. Kimchi is the charm of Dannie.
Don't forget to eat something important like kimchi. This one is famous for Korea. Eating food, no matter what you eat, always have kimchi as a side by side. Kimchi has become a very popular thing in Korea today. Kimchi is a food that comes from the introduction of cabbage. (Either fresh or pickled) to season with ginger. Garlic and chili powder mixed into it. There are currently many formulas. In Korea, it is believed that eating kimchi will be good for the digestive system. Resulting in a lot of nutrients and allows for excretion in the body

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