Where can I find truthful reviews from forex brokers?

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Where can I find truthful reviews from forex brokers?
Posted 14 Apr 2021

EthannK says
I suggest you visit this https://www.forex-ratings.com/forex-reviews/ page because as for me, there is no better source with truthful reviews. The evaluation system of Forex Rating is based on the results of the site’s visitors’ voting: the results can be taken for any period of interest (day/month/year). The listing participants are ranked in accordance with the actual number of positive and negative votes expressed as percentages.
Posted 14 Apr 2021

Javai2 says
I advise yuo, at first, find a real brokers with experience and then ask them to share with oyu trsuted forx brokers 
Posted 15 Apr 2021

sannyday says
Traders with experience remember several sad stories and closed forex broker companies. It is very important here to carefully look at the age of the broker's company, if you decide to invest a large amount of money in trading, then you need a quality company. To choose a reliable broker correctly, study his work experience, check the availability of a license.
And the best thing is to find reviews of real clients of the broker.
Posted 24 Sep 2021

mikinik says
I recommend that you contact the European Forex broker RoboMarkets. This broker has proven itself well and has received many awards that highlight the broker's reliability. RoboMarkets provides clients with reliable access to up-to-date financial charts https://www.robomarkets.com/beginners/info/charts/ for trading instruments. With RoboMarkets you can open a demo or cent account to evaluate your skills and capabilities.
Posted 24 Sep 2021

Posted 27 Sep 2021

fxlife says
The foreign exchange market is rife with divergent views on how to examine the market and forecast future movements. Technical analysis is, of course, one of the most prevalent types of analysis. This kind of market analysis examines recent trends utilizing Forex charts and technical indicators, and is predicated on the premise that "the trend is your friend."
If the Forex charts are trending in a particular direction, technical analysts will forecast that the trend will continue. Whether or not you believe in technical analysis, you must grasp Forex charts if you wish to earn a living trading Forex.
This is when things become difficult. If you trade Forex online, you are almost certainly utilizing a trading platform. Then you must ensure that you are up to date on current events and news. Add to that the requirement for many charts, and you've got way too many windows open at the same time, all diverting your attention away from the trading platform.
Therefore, how does a Forex trader manage to juggle all of this? The answer is that traders must locate Forex brokers that offer a trading platform that includes charts, like here - https://www.independentinvestor.com/forex/brokers/. While some provide news and events, Forex charts are an absolute necessity and should be one of the first features traders look for when evaluating Forex firms.
It is not difficult to discover Forex brokers that offer a trading platform with built-in Forex charts in today's Forex sector. Once you've identified a broker, conduct some research, read some Forex broker reviews, and, provided there are no red flags, begin trading.
Posted 05 Dec 2021

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