How to launch a super app like Gojek?

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In my opinion, Super apps are essential in today’s growing on-demand industry for both app users and companies. With the rising demand for on-demand services among the general public, it has become vital for companies to take their businesses online and for users to make their lives easy. 

Benefits for companies:

Developing an app is easy for companies that provide a single on-demand service. But it is a challenging task for companies that offer multiple on-demand services. They can not have an on-demand app developed for each one of their services. It is where the Super apps come into play. With a Super app on board, companies can offer all their services in a single platform and can manage them without any hassles.

Benefits for users:

A Super app is a collection of many apps that come under a single umbrella. It has a lot of advantages for its users. It helps to free up space in mobile phones as it eliminates the need for having many numbers of apps for availing multiple on-demand services. Also, it reduces the time taken for users to book on-demand services as everything can be done in a single application. 

If you wish to develop Super apps, the time can never be better than now. Super apps are nothing but Gojek applications. Many development companies offer Super app solutions that can be customized to integrate multiple on-demand services of your choice. Go for the leading company to get your app built and take the on-demand industry by storm with your Super app.

Posted 15 Apr 2021

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