11 points to check for depressing behaviors to avoid

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Depression is something that no one wants to meet. Because it is full of sadness, untold loneliness And if it is often, very, very psychiatric disease that we do not expect to ask So it's a good way to not let yourself be depressed again. By regularly checking your behavior and examining yourself, check out these 11 points.

1. Sleep deprivation
The exhaustion from sleep deprivation affects mood, energy levels and various thinking processes. In the end, it will become depleted. Depressed and finally depressed
2. Mood swings
When you feel frustrated easily. Mood swings Not interested in the surroundings Anything that ever makes you smile or laugh doesn't care, doesn't want to eat, doesn't want to sleep, believe it, the door of depression and depression is opening up to you.
3. Aloof
Have you ever been? I don't want to meet anyone. Want to be alone Feel unloved Nobody wants When you think like this, you end up feeling depressed and depressed alone.

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4. Think you are worthless.
If you get accused by a loved one, boss, or friend, think about how worthless you will feel. Don't let this idea last long. Studies have shown that knowing your worth can be a great cure for depression.
5. Good things in life disappear.
No one can keep what you love forever. Don't feel "hopeless" in your life. Always be strong and smile.
6. Not close to nature
The green color of nature will bring us a good mood. But if you're only in a room in a building, soon the dull will follow. Good way, let's get up and go down for a walk in the grass or in the park.
7.Do not exercise
Exercise is great for reducing depression. Don't let yourself get bored and bored, get up and get some exercise.
8. Stressed
Chronic stress can lead to depression. So why is this so stressful? Try lowering your work expectations. Without much hope Not working until the body is tired Stop acting as a robot Better return to be the same bright person
9. Lack of good nutrients
One study found that malnutrition and food allergies were linked to depression. Therefore, if you have any of these symptoms, it is best to have a blood test and consult a natural therapist, nutritionist, or holistic nutritionist for the benefit of yourself.
10. Do But Work
Being devoted to work is a good thing. But if too much of depression can ask for it. Take a rest
11.Tackle problems with emotion
Anger, sadness, loneliness, and unthinking can make you tired and discouraged in your life, so when you have problems, don't use your emotions to solve them. Because in the end, it may not be any better.

Posted 16 Apr 2021

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