Rifeng XLPE insulated power cable

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Cross-linked polyethylene insulated power cable, so the name suggests, its insulating medium material uses cross-linked polyethylene.
Cross-linked polyethylene material is that after the steam cross-linked
polyethylene, its molecular structure is transformed into a
three-dimensional network structure, which turns the thermoplastic
polyethylene into a thermosetting cross-linked polyethylene, which
greatly improves the heat resistance and mechanical properties of the
material , And maintains excellent electrical performance. The relevant
parameters of the XLPE insulated power cable are as follows:To get more
news about rifeng cable, you can visit rfcable official website.
01 Product Usage
It is suitable for power transmission and distribution in urban power grids, mines and factories with rated voltage of 6-35KV.
02 Product Standards
It is produced in accordance with the GB/T12706-2008 standard equivalent to the IEC60502-2004 standard.
03 Product Features
(1) When the cable is laid under the condition that the ambient temperature is not lower than 0?, there is no need to pre-heat it. The
cable laying drop is not restricted.
(2) The maximum rated temperature of the cable conductor is 90?;
(3) When the core is short-circuited (the longest lasting 5S), the temperature shall not exceed 250?.
(4) The minimum bending radius during cable laying is specified as follows:
Single core cable: 20(d+D)±5%;
Three-core cable: 15(d+D)±5%.
Where: D is the actual outer diameter of the cable, and d is the actual outer diameter of the conductor.For more details about rifeng
cable please click here to access the webpage.
Posted 22 Apr 2021

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