Main features of wind power cables

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Wind power cable is an important part of wind power transmission, and its safety and reliability directly determine the operating life of the
wind power generator. In our country, most of the wind farms are
located in coastal, mountainous or Gobi areas with low population
density, and the special environment also puts forward higher
requirements on the performance of wind power cables.To get more news
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Wind power cables must have good insulation properties to resist wind, sand, salt spray, etc.
The cable must have anti-aging, anti-ultraviolet properties, and should have a long enough creepage distance in high altitude areas.
It has excellent weather resistance, can withstand high and low temperatures, and can withstand the "thermal expansion and contraction"
of the cable itself. The operating temperature of the cable conductor
can withstand the temperature difference between day and night of
Possess good torsion resistance and bending performance.
Good waterproof and sealing performance, with oil resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, flame retardant and other properties;
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Posted 22 Apr 2021

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