A tube of toothpaste makes everyday things a lot easier.

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Toothpaste that we use to brush the teeth.  joker gamingWhen we use until we can not squeeze out. We tend to understand that the toothpaste in the tube is exhausted and then discarded if we cut out the middle with scissors. We can see that there is still a lot of toothpaste left inside. We can use the rest of these toothpaste to do a lot of other daily life.

- Scrub the burned stains in the pan
Squeeze the toothpaste into the pan and use a sponge to scrub it out as usual. With features that help clean teeth, whiten and remove stains in the mouth and teeth. This will help burn stains stick to the pan and the oil in the pan to come off easily.
- Washing shoes
Shoes used for a long time Especially white shoes will be dirty and black and look embarrassing. Just apply toothpaste and rub it with a brush to clean your shoes as new.
-Oil stained clothes
Put toothpaste onto the affected area. Rub a little, rinse with clean water. Oil stains will be gone.
-Clean the iron
Iron used for a long time There may be stains build-up from the ironing solution. This causes the iron to have stains, burns, or rust in it. Toothpaste can be applied to the rusted steel plate and gently wiped off. Can remove rust

- Maintain silverware
Silverware that is worn for a long time often has a black stain. Not shiny like when buying new ones Just use toothpaste to scrub. Then wipe clean Silverware will sparkle like a new one.
- scratches at the car
If the car has a small scratch And do not want to go to a new paint to waste money Before the scratch is inserted into the paint To squeeze the toothpaste onto the cloth. Then wiped Scratches will gradually fade away.
- greasy stains on the faucet
Long used taps will have water stains or water rust, just rub with a little toothpaste. Then rinse thoroughly Will be as shiny as new
-Clean the glass
Mugs used for drinking tea or coffee are often stained with tea. Coffee stuck, looks dirty You can squeeze the toothpaste onto the cloth. Then use to wipe the inside of the glass Stains will disappear easily.

Posted 22 Apr 2021

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