What kind of basil seed to eat?

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Did you know that "basil" is a vegetable garden plant That looks similar to basil and basil, the basil seed is a well-known food to help you lose weight. But I must say that basil seeds do not have direct weight loss properties. But what will help with that Let's go see it.

Wait for it to fully inflate before eating.
If we eat basil seeds that have not fully inflated It will absorb the water in the digestive tract. Causing the basil seeds to coagulate and clog the intestines Instead of helping to excrete fluently Can cause constipation and bloating instead
Do not eat with medication
Basil tablets will absorb drugs that are eaten. Causing the drug to not have full effect The best way is to take the medicine 15-30 minutes before eating the basil tablets.
Don't eat too much
Many people who know that they eat will help them slim. Helps to lose appetite and eat large, instead of every meal. Not touching other food If so, it may lead to malnutrition.

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Posted 23 Apr 2021

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