Know the "tomato technique", use time to work wisely.

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Everyone should have slotxo heard that “Time is precious,” “time is money,” “time and water never waits for anyone” or “time can't go back” all have one goal - to say “time is precious. That should not be let go in vain "
The Pomodoro Technique is the best time management technique. Especially with the office man Because it helps us work more efficiently and effectively.
Pomodoro in Italian Means tomato This technique, invented by Francesco Cirillo in the 1980s, is based on a tomato-shaped stopwatch.
The principle of the tomato technique is to focus on the work done. Concentrate on it for 25 minutes at the end of the day, and after a five minute break, this short five-minute session will keep your brain from getting too tired. When we have to focus on anything for a long time, we are ready to return to focus on our work all day long to be able to work both efficiently and effectively. Without wasting too much energy
The method of use of this technique is that no matter what work you are working on, the timer works without pausing for 25 minutes, then resting for 5 minutes, then one tomato is complete, or simply the tomato technique. It is a time management technique for working. By dividing work and working time into smaller parts, which will help to work more efficiently and effectively because over 25 minutes we have to do and do it alone, not catching mobile phones and not getting into social media. Don't talk to anyone Until it's time to rest
Advantages of the tomato technique
Usually, we tend to sit and work continuously all day to get up or rest. Just during lunch break Or while walking to the bathroom only, but when we
Divide the work time into 25 minutes, then take one break, which will give your brain some rest from the work in front of you. Will feel rejuvenated
Makes it easier to divide urgent and non-urgent tasks Because before starting work The work must be divided into smaller pieces first (to complete one task in 25 minutes).
For people with hyperactivity, a 25-minute break in work makes it much easier to focus on the task.
Reduce the risk of office syndrome from sitting next to the screen for a long time because just 5 minutes can get up and stretch. And get to rest often throughout the day
Get work done faster Because they concentrate on work
Morale Because they concentrate on work for only 25 minutes
Prevents brain burn out.
Increase concentration to focus on specific tasks. This will make work more efficient.
Reduce errors in the work. Because he was able to concentrate all 25 minutes
Reduce the complexity and repetition of the job. Because he had planned what these 25 minutes would do
Disadvantages of the tomato technique
There are two sides of a coin, and there are advantages and disadvantages.
Just 25 minutes might be too short. This makes some people feel pressured to work for a limited time. Especially people who are just starting out are not used to work that is squeezed by time.
Taking breaks every 25 minutes will lead to disruption in work. With people working in the air on
Not suitable for the job in a way that requires frequent contact with other people because it will waste time in communication.
All so It is not necessary to always hold on to time. Can be managed flexibly Especially those who are just getting started with this technique. But if you can make it a habit It will be easier to do And can adjust the time to be more stringent as well
The planning method uses the tomato technique.
1. List of tasks to (must) do in each phase, 1 tomato
2. Set a countdown timer of 25 minutes.
3. During these 25 minutes, focus on completing this one piece. Do not give a scare. What is inserted into the paper And keep it for handling during breaks
4. After 25 minutes, take a 5 minute break.
5. Do this for 4 rounds (4 tomatoes) and brake for 15-20 minutes.
This equates to having 100 minutes of total work time and 20 minutes of rest. 4 tomatoes take 2 hours.
“Work interval (25 minutes) + break interval (5 minutes) = 1 Pomodoro” (1 tomato).
Anyone who has problems in managing working hours Can be applied at first, it may be difficult because it is unfamiliar. But if trained to get used to It will be quite useful in the work. This should help you have more fun and enjoyment at work.

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