Common used tungsten carbide product - carbide ball

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The carbide ball is a powder metallurgy product, the main component of which is metal carbide (WC, TiC) micron powder featuring a high hardness refractory.
Classifications, grades and features
Tungsten carbide ball mainly includes blanks ball, refined balls, punch balls, bearing balls, Monel balls, metering balls, scratch balls, etc.
The grades include YG6, YG6x, YG8, YG13, YG20, YN6, YN9, YN12, YT5, YT15.
It has high hardness, excellent wear-resistant corrosion-resistant, anti-bending, and can be used in a harsh environment. It can replace all steel bead products. The hardness of the carbide ball is =90.5.
Carbide balls are widely used in precision bearing, instrument, pen production, spraying machine, water pump, mechanical fitting, sealing valve, brake pump, striking hole, oil field, Hydrochloric acid laboratory, hardness measuring instrument, fishing gear, etc.
The tungsten carbide products can be used as cutting tools, mining tools, wear parts, widely applicable for military, aerospace, machining, metallurgy, oil drilling, etc. Wide application and high-quality stability greatly increase the demands for carbide products.
Posted 28 Apr 2021

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