Tension Control Methods Of Solventless Lamination Machine

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During the entire solventless composite process, tension control is important, and precise tension control is the premise of ensuring the quality of the composite film.
The solventless lamination machine mainly has two tension control modes, one mode is a "floating roller" and the other mode is a "micro shift".
The "floating roller" tension control has the advantages of large range control, adapting to the wide substrates, but the structure is more complicated.
The "micro displacement" type tension control has the advantages of high precision, high sensitivity, but since the detection range is small, the absorbance of the material roll fluctuation is small, so this method is generally only suitable for relatively thick or non-molar material.
In actual solventless composite production, a solventless machine may adopt different tension control methods in different sections.
Posted 28 Apr 2021

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