How to create Word of Mouth for your business.

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Let's take a look at word-of-mouth marketing. Near you, these businesses are already on the air, such as the lazy crepes that are loud because we talk word-of-mouth in the office. After You Shop Before the Golden Age Bang Hasan seafood, etc., which I can tell that before these businesses became famous We often hear people around us talking about these stores without ever having to advertise anything.
It would be nice if your business could generate word-of-mouth buzz on it. So I have a great method from a world-class university. Which you can use immediately

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1. Free Discount
Make up for a great price or promotion, because research shows that people are more likely to be psychologically impacted when they add or drop prices, rather than just being interested in how cool this product is. If you can control costs well and ensure that your products and services do not lose your competitors in the market. Try to make the discount price bang. Ensure that customers turn around and look at you and tell their friends "mouth-to-mouth". Of course, a simple joke that is so cool is to take a photo with a food or product. Post it on Facebook or IG and get a discount like this.
2. Give something special With your top customers
Whether it's a discount, redemption, or a fresh privilege, with your database customers who deserve these privileges. All that is done is for the good customers to tell you and bring new customers to use your service.
3. Give a referral fee or compensation (Referral and Incentive Program).
Of course people like it. For the introduction and get money as well. It's a good idea to set up a budget and generally declare to your clients that if they invite friends or close people in good faith. Give away money for advice or whatever. In this way, the credit card industry, real estate, etc. are widely done. Plus giving money is extremely straightforward.

Posted 29 Apr 2021

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