Acne in adults, what are the risks?

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The most popular problem of all time, from young people to many adults. People would still experience. Some people think that after adolescents reach adulthood, acne may not be wrong. In fact, besides the excess oil production on the skin and hormones, other factors, such as personal behavior, also have an effect. If you are still an adult with acne Let's check if there are any of these behaviors.

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Behavior causing acne
1. Hair care products cause acne.
Like hair oils, these oils can seep down on the forehead. And able to trap bacteria well until causing acne in your pores. When the pores become clogged and inflamed, this will result in pimples. Red inflamed acne Until finally, a blackhead and whitehead Along the hairline and forehead, rather than that, your hairstyle is important too If acne is already present, it should be made worse by using clogging products or sprays, especially on the forehead. Should be thoroughly cleaned with makeup remover to remove dirt and dirt thoroughly wash your face and nourish your face with a gentle product such as Hiruscar Anti-Acne, oil removal formula. Skin care products help deal with acne. Make your face smooth and still gentle. Also suitable for sensitive skin and acne prone skin.
2. I like to get rid of facial hair to look neat and clean.
But it can actually lead to acne. Like making the skin a hole Or even some products that are applied to the skin before or after hair removal may trigger acne. Or an itchy rash You should alleviate symptoms by applying warm compresses to your face three to four times a day.If this doesn't work, see your doctor for reducing bacteria on your skin when cleaning your face. It is best to use products made to be free of acne-causing substances and not clogging as well.
3. Using skincare, caring for the skin too much, causing acne.
You may be tempted to try new skin care products. Several times in a year to find something suitable for the skin. But it turns out that the switch adds the use of new products. May contain active ingredients or preservatives that can irritate the skin and cause acne as well. It may take a certain amount of time per product to work with your skin properly.For example, choose 1-2 products to take care of a particular skin concern and allow 4-6 weeks to see results. Because it takes a long time for the skin to adjust.

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